The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Attitude

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I woke up in the morning,

And I realized what I jerk I've been,

Feel like I need to call up,

And say I'm sorry to all my friends,

Now I see how God's working,

Sensitizing that part of me,

I've been learning the difference,

Between attitude and identity.


I'm sorry about who I am,

I'm not who I'm trying to be.

For some reason my bad attitude comes so easily.

Love is like an addiction,

And I hope that I'm gettin' hooked.

Spread it like an infection,

Seein' Christ everywhere I look

I dont want to be know as

"The handsome guy with the attitude"

I'm sick of makin' excuses,

It's not ok for me to be rude.


Your breaking down my defenses,

And I'm findin' I'm not so hard,

Love is knockin' me senseless,

Love is catchin' me off my guard.

And now this chip on my shoulder,

Is losing some of it's jaggedness.

Lord I want to draw closer,

Leave behind all my bitterness.


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