The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Another Show

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I love the way this feels

To tell the truth real

The music hits your head and chest

And now you know the deal

Given the dream when I turned nineteen

And the last four years we've been playing to whoever

The six of us together headed out to wherever

Four years older, twenty three wiser

Still not tired of going off like geyser

We ain't everything that we're cracked up to be

Down with the king like jay and run dmc

Step on the stage, move the groove steadily

Keep our heads on and splurge the word readily


Another night, another show

My whole soul's fired up and ready to go


No wait, don't turn away

There's something I must say

If god's not glorified

We shouldn't be here today

'cause if we ain't speaking christ

We ain't speaking nothing

Look into my eyes and

You tell me if I'm bluffing

From here on out we're going all out light it up with no doubt

Evangelize and edify that's what we're all about

Don't know what God has in store

But that's the way we're headed

With the pedal to the floor

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