The O.C. Supertones

The O.C. Supertones - Adonai

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Well I'm as ugly as sin, that is to say I'm not good lookin'

But I can bust some ska, in fact the rhythm rhyme is cookin'

Brighten up your soul and loosen up your brain

Make my heartbeat all fast like the girl from plain Jane

Now please allow me to proceed and bust my rude boy flow

On the underground scene at the underground show

Grownups, kids and inbetweens I guess it takes all kinds

'Cause I guess we got true love, my blood, my blood true love is blind

One purpose is to worship and to make the body strong

I don't care about your haircut, can't we all just get along?

Not just get along, but to really love and care

If your eyes are on the Lord you can't see nobody's hair

Adonai Adonai!

Well I don't claim to be a rhymin' apparatus

I don't want to be a gangster, I don't want to be the baddest

I ain't no Al Pacino and I ain't no Al Capone

I'm just a rude boy with a new toy

Add two speakers and a microphone

So listen up, listen up and make sure that you can hear me

I'm your brother and I'm your friend so come on and get near me

I'm a sinner just like all of you don't make me into an idol

I'm a preacher, I'm a saint and sinner, guess I fit the titles

Gotta keep a humble heart, because my good is not enough

Jehova Jireh gotta give the glory up up up

To Y'shua me salvitore

Gotta give you all the glory God, I give you all my fears

God I give you all my years

You're my God and I will bow, I'll show all the proud people how

You're my God and I will bow, in fact I think I'll bow right now

Adonai Adonai!

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