THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. - Ultimate Rush lyrics

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(feat. Missy Elliott)

[Intro: Missy (B.I.G.)]

Uh (uh)

Come on (uh)

It goes B to the I to the G so proper

Missy and Big Poppa (Check it out)

Call us chief knockers

[Chorus: Notorious B.I.G.]

Damn Ma, I love you like the lah, the ganja

Sensimilla, can I feel ya

All I wanna do is touch ya

The ultimate rush, you're drugs baby


Don't you know I'm the ultimate? To get this nookie, be fortunate

Just like tastin pussy with pork in it

People stop when I'm walkin in, I'm twist-in twistin 'em

Back on ten, I'm talkin 'bout like when Mase come back again

My ski's is immaculate, my paper stackin keep trackin

I'm mackin yo slackin, reaction makes ya'll dicks grin

I'm mo' better than gold diggers with figures

Mo' bigger than Jigga's and even Paris Hilton's

Damn sir, sniff me like the coke, three lines, me one, give you none

Sent am-ilia, all you wanna do is sniff me

The ultimate rush, get high baby

Damn sir, sniff me like the coke, three lines, me one, give you none

Sent am-ilia, all you wanna do is sniff me

The ultimate rush, the drugs baby

[Chorus 2x (w/ Biggie ad-libs)]


Now Biggie Smalls is not the type to fall in love with 'em

Hit 'em and forget 'em and go handle my business


I like the kind of whine and dine, who grindin all the time

Yo ex girl was a fly, but now lucked up on a dime nigga


?? with you, all you wanna do is lay around

And stay around and get mad when I play around


I like to lay never work, put your money in my purse

To the mall, I go search matchin shoes for my skirt


Tuesday I saw you on the zee, but you still wanna get wit me

Wednesday is the Benz day, that's what your friends say


Me and my friends got your Benz, attractin mens

And spendin dividends, blowin like the wind

[Chorus 2x (w/ Biggie ad-libs)]


So I guess you think I'm slippin cause I ain't flippin

Baby, I'm Big Poppa, ain't no need to be trippin


I ain't trippin nor flippin, I'm just liquor sippin

At the bar, tippin wit your money, can you pay the difference?


It seems like it's a waiste of time, that's why I wrote the rhyme

I hear you jump in every car, except for mines


Nigga, I don't jump in cars, I'm a super star

Face way to flaw, you should hang me on your wall


All I do all day is drink Tanqueray

Thinking of a way to put a smile on your face


Make me smile, see them teeth, me look cute down to them features

My waste, my physique, me don't want freak-a-leek


Should I whine and dine? You put ring on your fingers

While sex from the next man in the bedroom lingers


Sex will never linger, hold up, put up the blinkers

I flow just like sprinklers, give yo ass the middle finger


You better slow your role baby, you ain't got enough dough to pay me

You know the pin number, just page me when you will baby

[Chorus 2x (w/ Missy ad-libs)]

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