The Maine

The Maine - We All Roll Along

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I remember every night we spent on weekends

With good friends

We did nothin' but it seems like we did so much

Back then

Oh back then we would kick it laughin'

all relaxin and taking things for granted

We did anything just for that little rush

Just don't forget this, we won't regret this

We've got one chance to get it right

We're alive and we drive to the center of it

Where we know we're all fine and this just can't be it

And in the end we all know we only breath for so long

So tonight's the night

We all roll along

Back to our first cigarette

You know we can't forget all of the faces that we've met

Eighty one twenty three means everything to me

Take me back to the parking lots

The sleep we fought

All the places we got caught

This place will always be a part of me

Yeah you're all a part of me

I remember every day that I spent dreaming

Of leaving

This place behind I would run away from thinkin'

Adding up all the days spent wasted

Chasing the girls we hated

Some things, well they never change

Take me back to the sleepless nights

The stupid fights

It never mattered who was wrong or who was right

You're all a part of me

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