The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time - Standing Tough

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When life is tough, you gotta be tougher

If you wanna stay alive

When the trail gets rough, you gotta get rougher

To help your family survive

You can't run around in circles

Wondering what to do

Someone's gotta be the voice of reason

Is it you, or you, or you?

When things around us are going bad

We all better be strong

We could lose everything we've had

If this goes on too long

Don't stand around here talking

I say that's not enough

No tears, no sighs, don't close your eyes

We gotta stand tough

I used to hear my father say

Stand and fight, don't run away

He made me what I am today

I'm here and I'm tough

When times are hard, you better be harder

You don't know what's in store

You think you're smart?

You gotta be smarter than you ever were before

You say I'm mean, you say "Why bother?"

But I have a daughter and I'm her father

I'm gonna make sure we all have water enough

That's why I'm tough

I'm standing tough

We've got to stand tough

You don't like it?

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