The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time - Me And My Dad

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Me And My Dad


It’s nice to have a dad that you can be with

To share a part of each and everyday

Who you can talk and joke around all day long

Who wants to hear the things you have to say

Who will lift you up when the water's too deep

Who'll stay by your side while you're falling asleep

Who understands whenever you feel sad

It's really, awfully nice

To have a dad

Friends are important

They're such a big part of you

But I always thought a dad would be something special

Now I know it's true

It's great to have a dad you can have fun with

A dad who's got a neck that's extra long

It's good to have someone to be a son with

Who's big and brave and wise

And kind and strong

He'll laugh at the silly things you do

And when you're in trouble

He'll pull you through

Even with the love I've always had

This is something new

I've found a dad

My dad

And since you came my way

I'm, oh, so glad

And I'm proud to be your son

'Cause you're my favorite one

And only


Me and my dad

Just me and my dad

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