The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time - Creepy Crawlies

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Creepy crawlies

Creepy crawlies

Everybody hates those little creepy crawlies

They tickle and they bite (Oh!)

They sneak around at night (Ooh!)

Everything about them is just not right

Those little creepy crawlies

Creepy crawlies

Icky, sticky, tiny, spiny creepy crawlies

They nibble on your ears (Ouch!)

And in between your toes (No!)

They eat all your food up from under your nose

Those awful creepy crawlies

They might be smart, they might be dumb

We don't know what they look like or where they're from

The only thing we know is they're different from us

And everything that's different is dangerous

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Creepy crawlies

Creepy crawlies

The world's a better place without those creepy crawlies


But, every living thing

Has a role to play


They might be nice

No, sir, no way

Not icky, sticky

Tiny, spiny

Nitsy, natsy, smashing flatsy

Creepy crawlies


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