THE LADY OF RAGE - Confessions

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Make a joyful noise unto the lord, all ye lame

Serve the lord with gladness

Come before his presence with singin

Know, ye that the lord is one

It is he that has made us, not we ourselves

We are his people [Bells begin to ring; wind blows]

In the sheep of his pasture

Enter, enter, enter, enter

Enter, enter, enter, enter

Enter *Music starts*

Robin, Robin, Robin

Robin, Robin, pray

Robin, Robin, Robin

Robin, Robin, pray

Robin, Robin, Robin

Robin, Robin, pray

[Verse 1:]

Forgive me God, for I have forsaken thee

I'm not gonna say that it's the devil that's makin me

Do what I do, the things that I've done

Just because I'm young, and it's all for fun

I never really thought about the consequences

But ever since Eazy died, I said "Now Ima listen"

Yay, though I walk through the valleys of death

I open my eyes, they droppin like flies, my last breath

Might get snatched, taken, broke down I'm shaken

Shaken by that shit that's breakin

Down your nervous system

So, if you're nervous listen

Kissin cousins die by the dozens

Because I like good lovin will I burn in a oven

Fiery furnace

Cause sometimes the yearn gets

Tempting so I yield into temptation

Intoxication mixed with fornication

Face the nation, face the revelation the ending

Will I be caught up in the rapture

Or will I be left behind because what I'm caught up in got me captured

Amazin Grace, could save a wretch like me

But a wretch like me feels that Hell is already my destiny (Why?)

Because I messed with He (Who?),him

He who sends them

The demons

I see em schemin amongst my dreamin

They tell me he awaits suddenly I awake

I got a funny feelin it wont be long before He

takes my soul that was the deal all for mass appeal

Dollar dollar bill, now my fate seems sealed

The nails in the coffin, he's coughin, I'm lookin

Through my iris

To see if he's got the virus

Paranoia starts to sink in

Deranged thoughts start to blink in

And out of my mind playin tricks on me

Sufferin with suicidal tendencies, since ten plus three

On bended knee I ask what's intended for me cause I can't cope

Some tellin me I ain't shit, some tellin me I ain't got no hope

Confessions of a young girl stressin

Sittin alone sweatin, burnin cigarettes into my flesh

Not knowin where I'm going, Can't understand why I came

I can't stand the rain, so I'm self inflictin pain

Gotta get a grip

Gotta hold on a little tighter to the end of this rope, before I slip

Into insanity

Lost within calamity

Forgive me for I know not what I do but what I've done

I confess with my tongue

To you

He who created heaven and earth, but still I'm still confused

I don't know what to do

Is there some way that you

Could just clear my visions

Can't see you with false prophets and religions

But I'm driven to find the force that keeps me livin

But ifn'I might be mistaken

They tell me I'll be held accountable and fried like bacon

But wait, when I didn't ask to come here

Why is this all unclear

I can't understand, it all seems unfair

They tell me not to question God, but the question is

Will I make it to live another day cause times gettin hard

So you tell me to believe, have the faith of a mustard seed

Ask and I shall receive

And you're all I need

Indeed, this may be true

I'm tryin to find my link to you

But, for all the things I do, I might not even make it through

Because we're all born in sin, so nine times out of ten

We're all gonna die in sin, same thing all over again

But, I don't wanna fry God, I don't even wanna die

So many tears I cry, so many years I try

I know I've done wrong I know I sing the same ole song

But truly I seek a righteous way, that'll lead me to be strong

In spirit and mind, body and soul

Deliver me from evil make me whole

God take control

Before it's too late, before you turn me over to a reprobate mind

Before you cast me in a lake of fire with my kind

Of sinners, for I am a sinner, I confess

I pray you forgive me and do bless

My soul to the very end

This I ask God forgive me

[Outro: B.G.O.T.I. singing, Lady of Rage talking]









Hey God, can you hear me?

Can you see me?

I can see heaven there

Let me see, what's wrong with me

Hey God, come take a walk with me

Hey God, come have a talk with me

Hey God

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