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The Harvey Girls movie - My Intuition lyrics

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I read your pretty speeches and I must admit they touched my heart,<br>

I don't know where you borrowed them, but some of them are works of art.<br>

No schoolboy with his Valentines was ever more sincere,<br>

I've tried to read between the lines to make the meaning clear,<br>

But there's a little voice that whispers softly as I fall to sleep:<br>

"You'd better look before you leap."<br>




My intuition says to me,<br>

"Don't ever give your heart away,"<br>

And so, I simply must obey my intuition.<br>

My intuition says to me,<br>

"Those pretty words may not be true,"<br>

So, what am I supposed to do in my position?<br>

I'd like to trust my heart,<br>

Believe in just my heart<br>

But it is much too young to know,<br>

So, though it may be bad advice,<br>

I guess I'll have to string along<br>

Until you prove my intuition can be wrong.<br>


Chorus 2 from movie out-take:<br>


(Hodiak:) My intuition goes like this,<br>

I'm playing poker with a bunch,<br>

And all at once I get a hunch,<br>

That's intuition.<br>

I'm playing aces back to back<br>

And I can see a pair of kings,<br>

But if there's one more of those things,<br>

What's my position?<br>

(Garland:) Well, if you get the cards,<br>

Then you should bet the cards,<br>

At least that's what I've always heard.<br>

(Hodiak:) You have your hunch and I'll have mine,<br>

(Garland:) Suppose we both just string along<br>

(Both:) Until we prove our intuitions can be wrong.<br>


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