The Game

The Game - Who The Illest

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Who the illest hub dawg you know

Peelin slugs at your mug

dealin drugs in front of the projects

My projects, more scatter, more street

Makin room for more drama, more hustle, more heat

I can show you how to get, American money easy

It's the gangster, all motherfuckers envy

Leave all semi I tote, clips empty

Foes tempt me, I'm seein no penitentiary

Crime scene clean, shells, no prints

Flee the shootout, X-5, no {?}

It's meant for me to survive this gangster shit

Meant for you not to be livin', food for the pigeons

It's rules I'm givin, new lessons for the street

This jungle I'm from B don't breed no weak

Lames that don't know the game please don't speak

You get killed, want me peeled, I'm showin no {?} nigga

Every nigga out there claimin to be the illest

I don't know if y'all know let a nigga know I'm lost in the stipulations

Niggaz hatin', everybody waitin for the outcome

Whatever happened to just to rappin?

(Mic graspin, freestyle flow flashin)

(Rippin up tracks and, doin the thang)

(What'chu niggaz know about Sean T and the Game?)

(Who's the illest?)

[Sean T]

I'm off the rack like slabs of ribs, I want it big

I ain't fuckin with kids, I'm after six digit things

Fuck the rings and the tribulations, constant playa hatin

This crimin-al lifestyle, keeps me animatin

Let's turf talk before you niggaz thuggin it up

It don't matter if you Crip'n, or Blood'n it up

Dallas Squad blooded it up, smashin on sight

But he hoppin on haters like BMX bikes

Fuck around with the Squad see unbearable sights

We takin gangster shit to the maximum height

But I'm mainly into bubblin, fat grip doublin

Big heads I'm lovin 'em, you feelin me y'all

Leavin the envious in awe cause I tremendously ball

I'm supported by the Game so you know I won't fall

I'ma execute my options, keep wettin my paws

And come out unscathed with no scratches or flaws

Who's the illest


[The Game]

They say "Game, you rappin like you from the East coast," meet toast

Gun jammed in your throat, forgot that you spoke

Game got the streets woke young'n, same nigga got the coke runnin

Introduce the new fiends to smack

Pops told me when I was younger, you can't live like that

So I don't listen to pops nigga I listen to Kool G. Rap

Went from hustlin sacks to heavy weight, shufflin crack

Kids and preachers know me, young Game the O.G.

Ask the reverand kept the church from fallin, young'uns from starvin

I'm the project like Marcy or the Nickerson Gardens

Comfortable dawg, Compton to Harlem, any city ghetto or hood

Kick back, blowin, listen to Marvin

Get head, count dough and just sit in the apartment

AK in the sofa, I'm the illest, who come closer

to the late ones or great ones fightin over a crown

Get shot off that throne, who the illest now, huh?


[Sean T]

Some say the gangster mentality is dead, imagine that

When fools pullin straps out with infrared

We're livin in a time of plagues and corrupt life

When homies in the circle end up all trife

Tryin to shine bright, but lookin all dim

Meanwhile I stay sharp like a ballpoint pen

I see the smirks and grins but I just laugh

Cause I'm gettin lucrative loot, endless math

If you only knew the half of it, you wouldn't hate

But niggaz just pig and talk shit behind Jake

Man you cain't knock the hustle, I ain't fin' to be greedy

I want an exit out the game kinda like Paul Vitti

I'm tryin to slang CD's in cruise control

Instead of sellin illegal pharmaceuticals

Should I ask for your advice? Like you would know

Fuck it, I'm out to get it, I'm a fool for dough

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