The Game

The Game - We Are The Hustlaz

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Yeah man we them niggaz everybody talkin 'bout

Hey yo, yo

[Verse One]

Whether it's, chips or whips or bricks of 'caine

I still shine at the end when y'all forced to rain

Changed the game, three shots parade ya Range

Hit the passenger, driver, old man on a cane

I'm a shell in the chamber, waitin to pop

Like Stoudamire on the court I'm used to movin the rock

Cruise in the drop, 740, snub in the box

My attitude shifty, never callin the cops

A Green Bay jersey, out on Bennett puffin hershey

D's on the route tryin to catch a nigga dirty

Respect the flow, better yet respect the dough

He get respect like rich and po'

Fuck a 9 to 5, I'd rather wake up and spit bars

And your wife, known to make my dick hard

Cartier lenses, 22's on my Benz's

When shit break out, y'all hit the fences


We stay bent, laid back behind tint, puffin sticks, spliff up

We are the hustlers everyone's talkin about

Big belt, flossy shades, paint on glaze, nigga

We are the hustlers everyone's talkin about

Unidentifiable straps makin heat clap sicker

We are the hustlers everyone's talkin about

We about reliable scratch and gettin this math quicker

We are the hustlers everyone's talkin about

[Verse Two]

Shit I might as well be duels, cause they call me the Flowmaster

I keep ridin tracks like a natural disaster

You know I'm 'bout macra{?} I'll clap ya, a pirate like {?}

Far from a Hollywood actor

A factor, focused on paper and cars

I move like crowds, stay minglin with the stars

I'm in the 6500 Benz truck with some broads

Dimes in every state I strike through be on me so hard

You know them Bentley bound, {?} down, wild Hummer chicks

That wanna take the car, cover up your tight summer shit

The game's heavy, man that's way off the charts

Heavier than killer whales at animal theme parks

You niggaz is SweeTarts, my family is street sharks

We keep the ER busy tryin to revive the treat marks

Shit, we merk niggaz like Eddie, get ready

We got heat that set car alarms off like M-80's


[The Game]

The Game on some regular rhymin, fuck all this new shit

When they gon' let real niggaz get on that cruise ship

Black Sox and Dallas Squad got, chains and cars

Get, brains from stars after those awards

Miyagi's or doubles, don't think I won't buy out the bar

That's little shit, Mercedes dealership, buy out the cars

Sticker in the window, let 'em know that it's ours

Sittin on shit you ain't never seen like we got it from Mars

Game like Laker Will, snatch a bitch off your arm

She see Game covered in ice like I lived through a snowstorm

Plus I blow digits like my first name was {?}

Pay off security at clubs, get our guns admitted

Outside the club in the parkin lot, four dot six

Not know it's stocked? Nigga it's the one we keep the bricks in

Hard black on black leather's what we keep the chicks in

And bitches stay sniffin like smellin dubs is a sixth sense


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