The Game

The Game - Untold Story

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(feat. JT)

[The Game]

Niggaz don't really want it, just talkin out the side of they neck

How many gangsters you know, ain't scared of death

That's why I, ride with tecs, soon as I pull 'em out

breathe easy nigga they tryin to get them bullets out

It was all good a week ago, you was callin shots in the hood

Bitch now you so {?} the hood

Used to be a gang leader, now your gang need ya

But no more rocks or dope spots in the hood

Ghost town, niggaz won't even walk in your hood

I want respect like when niggaz is talkin to Suge

You cats gon' get with that, or get with the +Mac+

And I ain't talkin 'bout +Beans+, talkin 'bout this gat

The kid still a hundred miles and runnin

Niggaz smoke 10 boxes of Newports, when they know I'm comin

And fuck MTV, I live in +The Real World+

Call my guns R. Kelly, they'll touch your lil' girl, cause

[Chorus 2X: JT]

Layin with dogs, you gon' wake up with fleas

Fuckin with rats, you'll never get yo' cheese

You know J cats, like to sell you dreams

And a snake gon' scheme (and a killa will do anything)


It's a done deal, Seth's back, makin it hot

No questions, I'm takin my spot

Project walls, hoods and blocks, Get Low, we hard to stop

JT, and the Game is hot

It's so necessary, these dudes are so scary

When I cruise through Bentley Coupe that's cherry

Tailored suits and gators, man, laughin at these haters

Man, show me the money then, pay me man

It's a new day, same team, I'm still the ghost

Big crib, jet skis and boats, listen close take notes

Mink coats and diamond clusters

West coast we nothin but hustlers

We grimy and gritty, cool like dat, old school fools

Willy Ness throwbacks, we send tricks to the nearest track

Who you know that's as real as that?

I pimp this game like Goldie the Mac, holla back


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