The Game

The Game - 'Till The Wheels Fall Off [Ft. Mr. Porter]

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I just got home and I feel like a brand new day/

So I'm gon' roll 'till my wheels fall off/

I'ma take it one day at a time, snooze, I say

That's why I roll 'till my wheels fall off/

I got called once and I bet it gon' happen again if I/

Keep rollin' 'till my wheels fall off/

You only live once that's why I suggest to my friends that they/

Roll 'till your wheels fall off/

[Verse 1]

Glass house, candy painting, low ridin' twenty-two's/

Run up on my old schools, see what the semi do/

A hop out, corner store grab me a O.E./

White-tee dicky sagging G-Unit sneak's/

Twelve-inch cross-fires, you can still hear my speakers/

Dre started gangsta rappin' niggas still sleepin'/

Cashville Ten-e-key, Compton still got 'em cheaper/

Feds on next tails we still carry beepers/

Stash hold everything fire arms, cocain,

Drive-bys leave ya brains hangin' like my gold chain/

Ten G's on you fitted, fucking with my dope game/

Ski mask, climbing through your window like Bro, man/

In the hood fiends snitchin' on niggas for quarter rock/

Everybody on the floor, face down, gun shot/

All black bandana, infared, pass the glock/

Phantom in the drive way let the motha'fuckin' neighbourhood watch/


[Verse 2]

Homie let the D R A M A pop/

'Fore a nigga clap back somebody gotta take shots/

Eighty-four magazine for that Benzino shit/

Don't believe the hype, Dre the Chuck D. in it/

Aftermath, G-Unit, Shady rap politics/

Eat this beef shit, load up hollow-tips/

Boys, I cock back forty-five, swallow shit/

Lift niggas souls up like a hydrolics switch/

All I know is gangbangin', bandana's, poppin' clips/

Ass out, three-wheelin', bangin' two 'pacalypse/

Hood rat, model chick, six-four impalla shit/

G's up, hoes down, make bitches swallow dick/

Suck me, Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre/

Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, D Mack, Big Fate/

Free Tony Yayo, suck him out of G-Unit/

Tell evil-kenevil nobody stuntin' like he do it/

But nah/


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