The Game


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Feat. Problem, Huddy JstLvnBby, Amp & Badd Luc


I fucked your bitch, hold up

She sucked my dick and you kissed her

I let it all in her lips


Heard you fucking with a THOT, nigga

That's a minus

You fucking with a THOT, nigga

That's a minus


You fuckin' wit a THOT nigga

I'm a real nigga bitch you fuckin' with a Pac nigga

Graduated from the pills and them rocks nigga

Money, power, respect, come through like The Lox nigga

Fuck a bottle, buy a box, nigga!

Bought an Automo, we don't google, we buy the stock, nigga

Same old vatos, leader of the new school

Spraying on them lockers. No rain gonna stop us

Put the swang on yappers

Thrush on the bottom, gold fangs on the top

Who came with the chopper? And I'm known for the cutting

These hoes like I'm the bachelor

They stuck in the hood, I'm the spatula

Expose these bitches for who they are

You a THOT, yeah, I know these bitches

Niggas, I owe these bitches for being theirselves

She a coach bag bitch, but she follow Channel

That's a minus




I got riggidy riggidy rocks and I'm diggidy damned

The biggidy biggidy play the face of a diggidy clown

Black out, back out, like a flimsy blouse

Fuck the track out like racing outside

Pussies chalked outline

Niggas can't be outshined

I'll rhyme or I'll die

I'm like magic, and I'm flying without eyes

It's fun to see, just fuck niggas for days before the other reason(?)

Getting lucky, getting muddy for some other reason

Period. A bitch bleeds and I fucking bleed her


What? You fucking with a THOT, nigga

My Compton niggas come with K's like dot, nigga

Real when I talk, you can tell by my tone

If you withst a gram, like a bitch, swear that she on

Buy post from condoes, riddin' in lime boats

And pronto. Knowing that shit wine doze(?)



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