The Game

The Game - The Taped Conversation

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There's A G in Young Buck, there's a G in The Game

Banks, Yayo n 50 ain't no g in there name

I'm a certified gangsta, fuck them wankstas

Can't carry no heat but you can still get shanked up

The beef ain't a chevy but it still get cranked up

You don't care about your son if u did he'd get yanked up

Tapin niggas phone calls what kinda shit is that

I felt the itch I knew those g-unit white beeders was tapped

I spoke to m.o.p. chopped it with billy n fame, we good real niggas don't play those silly ass games

I told buck in '05 I can never stay loyal to a homo snitch nigga that's weaker than tin foil

O y o y why this nigga wanna play games, with that cashville nigga n that cedar block game

Get the fuck outta Tyson' mansion n turn the drama up, this nigga a bitch tried to burn his own momma up

Let's go buck!

Punk ass boo boo still playin those low ass games, tapin niggas phone calls n shit, I feel u buck, shed a tear or two

I terroried your click cause I'm a muthafuckin boss, keep playin u be M.I.A like rick ross

I been fuckin with buck the whole time churp churp the whole 9, you made us millionaires bitch thanks for the co-sign

Took the pevil out your hand, threw it in the ocean, my style is quick sand now u movin in slow motion

You done made that nigga buck made, I told u boy, walkin around like a buff ass soldier boy

That nigga tony yayo, got a felony but ain't Jay-o suck a million dick since as the nigga 50 say so

Banks, fuck u nigga, u starvin, I give you a buck fifty let buck fuck fifty n carv em

You gonn die regardless when I spin this revolver, king of new york u wear the ghost of christopher wallace

Don't drink this nigga water, you dunno wats in that shit, I took one sip n got sick of that fuckin shit, now it's on

Thanks to Ruben for these lyrics

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