The Game

The Game - The Hangover

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Ft. Famous Fresh

All purple like the .. fucking gave in

My flow a nightmare what’s graving?

Since I hit you with that purple tape

Nigger know my style move the tracks out

Where I am gonna be? Worth the wait

No, the earth gonna shake and Rihanna gonna be popping out a birthday cake

I am gonna .. top it until this low niggers stop me

Nigger I am .. let you G …

Just ..took you to the …

With my side chick and the .. flip like the .. my shit


Didn’t think I will make it up here (repeats)

Nigger like game you did this yesterday

That’s right a matter of fact to be exact I did it last night

And I can prove it to you the heat is lost .. nigger I am like google to you

Watch how I do it to you I am the Game

Start my own game nigger I am like Larry .. to you

No matter of fact I am ready prove it to you

.. where I am gonna drop niggers gonna …

.. I am brilliant .. clapping for the Philly


Coming for nothing

Getting money is what you’re left to do

Playing the executor in the ..

We watch .. somehow I got the better view

.. about to blow like one or two ..

Two bad bitches naked in my bedroom

Stop hating stop congratulating

.. I’ll be patient

You are both famous .. just another nigger with an attitude

California nigger …


is the hangover (repeats)

when they say the Game is over

do the same thing over<br />

<br />

Thanks to feel

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