The Game

The Game - Step Up

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Ft. Dej Loaf & Sha Sha

(Produced by Bongo 'The Drum Gahd')

(Verse: Game)

I'm from the home of the malt liquor, talk slicker

Where guns spark quicker, on four niggas

Them niggas betta walk with u, take the long way home

My finger itching and this barrel so loooong

Like Pinocchio's nose my list of foes grows

Casket closed, air tight like Mystikal's cornrows

Expose rap niggas, take hoes from rap niggas

Neva said shit when they seen me, get ur toe tag nigga

The Compton lyricist, u niggas can't get with this

Used to tap Dre on the shoulder like, 'Nigga come hear this shit'

He thinking he slick and shit, nigga sweeter than licorice

Los Angeles god, we mob like Infamous

Ain't from Queensbridge or Brooklyn but we done shook ones

Bullets, I done took sum', crack, I done cook sum'

Don't u stand there and look dumb

Ain't no honor amongst thieves, especially when the hook come

Lives, I done took sum'

(Hook: Sha Sha)

When I look around I hear sumethin' tell me

That I’m the type of nigga u could be down fo'

And I be hearin' niggas say they gon’ kill me

And be the type of niggas I think I should make a move on

But I came to let u know I keep that heat fo' real

(Verse 2: Game)

I kicks in doors when ur rap bars is Iggy

I pull up floors and take them charges with me

Aventador as I explore the city

Phillipe's with my henchmen, nigga, word to Jimmy

You could be swimmin' in the Hudson, it’s nothing

Think I’m bluffing? Guns cocked, say sumething

Ain’t too many real niggas in this here rap shit

The industry soft when Plies gettin' slammed and shit

I feel like Mayweather in May weather

Whoop the white nigga ass, it might pay betta

Got my Timbs on the gas in this grey sweater

Tag Coogi, I bet you’d be mo' cautious if u knew me

Your girl tryin' to do me, hoochie, groupie

She tryin' to catch up on a Gucci, baby, no, I’m out like Karrueche

Gave me that BJ so I slid in that bazooki

And that’s my I’m the dookie

You fuck me, I’m fuckin' ur bitch, stupid


(Outro: DeJ Loaf and The Game)

Dej holla at these niggas fo' me

You know I know where u live at, boy (x4)

Pull up on a nigga like, uh

You know I know where u live at, boy (x4)

Pull up on a nigga like, uh

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