The Game

The Game - Pushin It

rate me

Do it by the touch

Remember Camron first shit

Think it was horse and carriage

But I ain't talkin' marriage

I'm talking 14 carrots

I ain't talkin tiffany

Cause I ain't talking industry

I'm talking in the streets

Twin Bentleys

I'm tryin' to be with you mentally before physically

I'm physically before mentally, just remember me

For you I let that thing sing like a symphony

*Sid and Nancy* and Micky and Mallory we meant to be*

Never been a trick I do the shopping for the both us

Send shots at the vultures

In these Marc Jacob loafers

And I'm saying

You gon let me see something

Stop playin

I didn't know it was like that, God-damn

You bring the LL out a nigga

The Louie V the Burken the Chanel out a nigga

J 12 out a nigga so you know what time it is

I'm bout to call the

Yo ma, why you tryna live

Pushin it your lips

Cause my drug is your kiss

I'm pushin it your body

Your beautiful that you knew

I'm pushin it back door

I'm a elevate ya to the top floor

I'm pushin' it need a rush

The way thats happens when our bodys touch

What's happnin' mami what you doin' you supposed to be

Livin' in a lap of luxury so you should go with me

I'm openly excited spend the night I bet u like it

Do with it whatever you like it don't matter just don't bite it

You see that feeling when you met me well you shouldn't fight it

They said you and I are more than worth a try so don't deny it

See I'm king like Leonidas, dress your hands with the brightest stones

Known the man when your mans pockets on a diet

Walk you in this presidential out that doublin' the Hyatt

Big money talkin', all broke niggas be quiet

It don't matter how we feel all what matters is how we live

Don't listen to his opinion until he stack a couple mil

But until then feels free to come chill

And my crib in the hills set back and kick off your heels

Say you never seen a pad with a view so ill

Or receive so much pleasure that you couldn't hold still

We'll until...

Straight to the Penthouse, Elevate

Let me put my hands on your w-w-waiste

Let me take a second, let me take it in

You can run that game all night

But you know I w-w-win

I am Superman, I'm supercool

I'm in the air, all over you

I am Superman, I'm supercool

I'm in the air, all over you

I let your friends talk bad about you

I didn't lisso (listen)

Behind your back calling you a H to the Izzo

I apologise lay your head on the pillow

Mr and Mrs Smith and we can have a little Willow

She can shave the sides put a couple lines in it

And we can have spitzers put a couple limes in it

Throw a Bar Mitzvah put a couple dimes in it

She go see a Drake show but never out of line with it

So every chance I get nigga I'm in it

Deep sea diving trying to see what I can find in it

So it's mine illy and that's a Porsche ain't it

So picture that and have Andy Warhol paint it

I'm a rude boy so I'm a go get it up

Rihanna post Chris Matt Kemp

Baby this is us

So talk to me

Have you ever been to Cannes

Yeah South of France next stop Japan

Let's go...

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Wednesday 3rd of November 2010 09:41
It is Sid & Nancy as in Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols & his girlfriend Nancy Spungen whom he kills then dies of a heroin overdose himself
Sunday 31st of October 2010 09:13
Hey The Lyrics That are in Capitals are the proper lyrics I'm tryin' to be what you mentally before physically OR physically before mentally, just remember me For you I let that thing sing like a symphony SYD AND NANCY AND MICKEY and MALLORY We meant to be