The Game

The Game - Poison Bananas

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B-b-b-b Unit

You pussy ass nigga!

B-b-p-b Unit

You pussy ass nigga!

B-b-b-b Unit

You pussy ass nigga!

Who the snitch?

You the snitch

Who the bitch?

You the bitch (x4)

Get ur ass blown off

when i blast 4 off

huck the shotty

and the body

Where the grass grow tall

Jeah, I'm like tango for the cash

Orange Jag

Looking like a mango when it pass

put the tatos on mash

I ain't talking 'bout bagging up work when I put Yayo in the bag

Fuck is you rhyming about?

You 30, just getting in the game, you should be trying to get out

You know it's drama when the llama get out

Pull and spit the lead

Bullets hit your head

Then your mind'll sit out

By the time they find this shit out

I'm in a different state

In a different zip, different whip, different plates

Wait! I put the heat in to your head

You G Unit Ninja Turtles cause your leader is rat


It's simple as 1,2,3

You lames

Wanna get at Game

You gotta come through me

Tony Yayo

Get out the way ho

Lloyd Banks just got shot

Technique pass the mack

And aim it at Curtis Jack

You ain't right

Trying to be Frank Wright

You getting smacked

Little accident murderer

I just now heard of ya

And the next time you disrespect the west, E serving ya


You better lay low

Cause the M.O.B. got some killers on the payroll

I put a million dollar hit on you snitches

Show you why we call ourselves Money Over Bitches


I got a clip full of poison bananas

And some cold hard killers from Compton (here monkey, monkey)

I got a clip full of poison bananas

And a cold hard killer from Philly (here monkey, monkey)

I got a clip full of poison bananas

And a cold hard killer from Long Beach (here monkey, monkey)

I got a clip full of poison bananas

And a cold hard killer from L.A. (here monkey, monkey)

Olivia, get back in the car

B'Fore I smack you like 50 did Fredro Starr

And he picking on lil niggas

Is it me or is it every video, Curtis Jackson get a lil bigger?

Nigga using that muscle enhancement

All I need is a couple dumbells and a sandwich

Fuck holding a conference

I'll run to Violator, hold Chris Lighty for hostage

Cause Banks doing gay porn, come out the closet!

Either that or I'mma knock Chris Lighty unconsciencious

Cut all the non-sense

You was PC'd up

Hit the bricks, rapping 'bout the corner like you Common

Talk of New York? You Jorge Pasada

I throw 'em, you catch 'em, that's not a threat, that's a promise

You did 6 months, now you a convict?

I accepted your phones calls now you at me on some wild shit

Judge said, "Time spent"

Now you can get it from the same gun homicide dropped five dimes with

And next time you try to kiss me on the cheek

You won't be alive long enough to put out MOBB DEEP


Welcome to the west, let me show you what hood like

My niggas down to sit on death row and ain't fucking with Suge Knight

Tag your left toes, wish you niggas a good night

Rock-a-by baby

Chrome .380

Screaming, "Ready to die"

Them niggas ain't crazy

On the black wall on the mini street that they can't be

A pine box plenty of leg room

Game, hit me, we're watching access granted in Cancun

I'm look at the two like, "The nerve of this damn dude"

Pointing a beam at him, locating his next wound

Talk to my heat

Chi-Chi get the Yayo

Replace that G Unit bandana with a halo


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