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The Game - Palm Pilot

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[Money Mike:] Aww pimpin that's the Young Gunz. I love the Young Gunz.

[Game:] Shit me too my nigga.

[Money Mike:] Wait a minute.

[Game:] What the fuck.

[Money Mike:] Pimpin What did that nigga just say?

[Game:] I dunno.

[Money Mike:] Play that again.


[Young Gunz:] So get that money right and we don't mess with the funny time. Fake ass pimps like Money Mike.

[Money Mike:] Damn.

[Game:] What the fuck.

[Money Mike:] Lemme check my Palm Pilot Give me that beat fool, it's a full time pimp mode

[Money Mike:]

Chris and Neefy.

I'm warning ya sweety.

Y'all can't beat me.

You'll see when you meet me.

And I'm gunna say it real clean so you niggas understand.

Fuck the Young Gunz and both of your fans.(There's 2 of them)

Somebody in your camp should've told you to stop it.

And now you two rappers gettin fucked by a comic.

I done been to New York.

You niggas ain't a factor.

How does it feel to be dissed by an actor?

And y'all cant really diss a nigga at all (why?)

I made one fuckin movie am im more famous then y'all.

And it'll take more than some Young Gunz to hurt me.

I put your mama on a stroller bitch aint but thirty?????

Y'all just got mustaches how you gunna burn me?

Two young gay versions of bert and ernie

You dont concern me cuz yall aint hot

y'all the only girl group roc-a-fella got

Matta fact just dont say my name no more

And try to keep your CD outta the 99 cent store

Cuz you cant stop wont stop two weak motha fuckers

who just need to sit down before you get the fuck clowned

And if i see you around Imma pimp slap you down

And leave in my gators without makin a sound

Y'all really helped me out but y'all aint knowing

Hey tell chris tell neefy his thong is showing (no its not)

You need to be sign to nickalodeon you the childrens choice

Next time you say my name put some bass in your voice

Mr Carter is a pimp thats why he got the roc

And got you two lil bitches selling cock on the block

You cant stop cuz you never started

And both of ya niggas sound plain retarded ( Duhh )

Why did y'all get pimpin started

Two young girl who still get carded

One of y'all sucks and the others garbage.

It aint no secret its common knowledge.

And i couldve let you slide but im to cold hearted

and i hope you man enough to realize this

you just got slapped by a fake ass pimp

Cuz you cant stop wont stop two weak motha fuckers

who just need to sit down before you get the fuck clowned

And if i see you around Imma pimp slap you down

And leave in my gators without makin a sound


I just put the kids to sleep



Time to wake their punk asses up

Cant stop wont stop game sitting outside

In the stock range loading the clip while pac playin

Since he wanna drop names imma tie him up

Leave him ass naked in the hood with his roc chain

When i pull a def card your whole crew will fold

The bullets a throw have my eagles in the superbowl

You dont want me to put the fifth to your chest

Watch lil Neefy scrabble like Vick at the Tech

>From 40 yards away oh shit he can catch

Like bikini wax how they stick to his chest

I make the traffic come out

Telling what ya yappin about

Before the plastic come out

blood runnin out the back of your mouth

Unless you take Money Mike name and put it back in your mouth

Only thing left for you is the ash in your house

You lookin for a young gun bring Cassidy out

Bitch [repeat]

[Game:] Yo Mike kick em man they still asleep

[Money Mike:] I cant even do it nigga I..

[Game:] No nigga you gotta kick em nigga im tellin ya I do this shit all the time. We put niggas to sleep. You kick em and that wait em up.

[Money Mike:] I know but i just wanna see em resting there for a second

[Game:] Nah man. Go find a motha fuckin weegy board or something and we gunna put the little thing on the C and on the N and we gunna see if Chris and Neef their little faggot ass up.

[Money Mike:] Im just saying

[Game:] Kick em

[Money Mike:] Outta all the niggas for me to get dissed by. It would have to be the the two weakest rappers in the history of all rap

[Game:] Nigga you can keep em while im right here Nigga. they aint gunna do nothing nigga.

[Money Mike:] Okay im gunna kick em one time. this is a hard toe gator too

[Game:] C'mon aight kick em right in the ass.

[Money Mike:] Ah that felt nice. Ah that nigga got a soft stomach too

[Game:] What kinda faggot

[Money Mike:] Chris and lil Neefy. Wait a minute he just hunched up. He like it. I cant kick em no more

[Game:] niggas goin in convolstions. Pimpin... pimpin convolstions. niggas a fuckin faggot man. I like how you say how you say their name again?

[Money Mike:] Chris and lil Neefy

[Game:] Hahahaaa

[Money Mike:] My son loves em

[Game:] ahh man

[Money Mike:] and hes seven

[Game:] Spongebob and Dora the Explorer. You little fuckin faggots

[Money Mike:] Y'all should be on That's So Raven

[Game:] Lemme try to do it. Chris and lil Neefy

[Game:] Faggot ass niggas

[Money Mike:] Go get a papsmear.

[Game:] And take off your Run DMC outfits nigga youll never be them.

[Money Mike:] Its time to set it off we need to set it off. Its time to set it off we need to set if off.

[Game:] Are you guys sharing your lunch tickets?

[Money Mike:] Swiss beat freestyling. We really have no choice [?]

[Game:] We didnt really wanna give it to em but you know.

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