The Game

The Game - One Blood (West Coast Remix)

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(feat. The Game, Junior Reid, Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, Crooked I, WC, E-40 & Glasses Malone)

[The Game: Talking]

Aye Yo Waz Poppin' Mayne You Know What It Is

He Even Need No Fuckin' Intro Dj Skee Motherfuckers

That What Imma Say One Blood Remix Topic Of Disgustion

Hip Hop Is Alive And Well You Know Why Cuz Me And Dj Skee

Keep It Alive In The Underground On The Motherfuckin' Mainstream

You Go In A House In Southcentral Dj Skee In The Turntables

You Go To A Motherfucking Block Party In Compton The Doctor's Advocate

On The Microphone Bring It Back To Beverly Hills Me And Dj Skee

Ridin' High Motherfuckers Official One Blood Remix

You Can Fuck With Us We Got The East Coast Version The West Coast Verison

The Dirty South Verison The Extinted Remix We Mite Need Put Nods

And Pres On The Fuckin' Remix Anybody Who Can Do It Its Motherfuckin'

Dj Skee Blackwallstreet Motherfuckers You Know What It Is

Bye Bye G-Unit Hello Five Mics

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]

They Call The D-O-Dub

Why You Really Trippin' Cuz

21, 20 Crips And All Of Us Is Crippin' Cuz

We From A Different Street, All Got That Different Heat

But When We Move The Macs For Game, Cuz We On The Same Beat

So If You Fuck Wit Blood, Then You Fuck Wit Us

And We Ain't Bustin' Duds, Cuz We Bustin' Slugs

We Sure To Stay In Touch And Clean Your Mess Up

And If You From The West Coast, My Nigga Westside

[Verse 2: Kurupt]

Yeah Rollin' With Two Grips

Glock Holdin' On The Hip, Rollin' Wit Two Clips

Got Two Tiny Locos Ready To Take Trips

Shake And Make Trips, High Stakes To Take Grips

They Know What's Crackin' Cuz, Cause As We Huddle

They Hold Cards Down N*Gga Like Spade And Pinnochle

West Coast Gang Bang, Riders Erasin' 'em

Got Funny N*Ggas Raisin' Up And Riders Replacin' 'em

[Verse 3: Daz]

Draped In Blue The Notorious Gangsta Crew

Rip For N*Ggas Who Don't Stay True

Deep Down In The Crevices

See The Jets Better Wit

Dwellin' In The Land Of The Gang Bang Wit The Fleshin'

I'm Legendary, Yes Yes, A Westcoaster

Throwin' Up Two C's, Wit Two Guns In My Holster

I'm From Long Beach City, A Crip Next To Compton

Down Wit My N*Gga Game, If You N*Ggas Want Problems

From The Streets To The Suites, Anywhere We Can Meet

Then Live On To Compton, Slausen Swap Meet

Worldwide, Get Swept Away By The Tide

By G's, And B.G's, O.G's, Its Time To Ride

[Hook: The Game]

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

[Verse 4: Crooked]

He Was A Crip He Call His Son Young Cuz

He Used To Be On Deathrow Of Course I Know One Blood

Crooked I Game Movin' In That G Ride

Ask Big C Style I Die For The Eastside

So Whats That Cuz Life With That Blood Life

Call It Neck It Just Ice Im Prince Of Longbeach

When I Touch Light I Lived Thug Life Just Like A Young Site

[Verse 5: W.C]

Who The Rider, Looter Through The Gutter Mayne

Chewed Up In Them Carolina Blue Hurricanes

From The Westside, Strivin' To Get 'em

Where Them Killers Throw That Third Letter Up Like Raymond Washington And Tookie Williams

Blue Jeans, Blue Strings, Blowin' Blueberry Green

Cadillac On Blue D's And A Blue T

Money Thick As Blue Cheese, Chunkin' Up The Dub

What The West Be Without Snoop, Dub C And One Blood

[Verse 6: E-40]

The Bay Area, Fuckers We Proper

Open You Up If You Got A Problem

Uh Uh, Born In California

Clean Your Clock, Open Your Can Of Tuna

Make A Choice To See The Hail Lord's Heaven

Get Your Chest Laid Out Wit The Fm 47

You Think Shit You Can Do Will Do But Nobody

But In The Yay, There Ain't Nuttin To Do But Catch Bodies

[Hook: The Game]

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

[Verse 7: G-Malone]

One Blood My Ass Shit I Roll With 100 Crips

With A Major Blue Rag Hangin' From My Jeans

Baby Blue Rags Still Dunkin' And Lost

Watch Me Swag With A Bitch Like A Kid

Motherfuckers Blow For Real

Still Rollin' In Bad Hills

[Verse 8: The Game]

This Is The Driu All Ya'll Can Ride With Me

If You Don't Fuck With The Game

Sc And We Ckru And Double Me

Gamo With 40 Oz Himmy With Crooked I

Smoking That Neon Green

To Keep That Sraced From The Westcoast

Dub C For Short Tupac Land

Guess Who Carried The Torced

Tryna Grow Up And Die We Don't Need That Long

California Resentated And Took It Once

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