The Game

The Game - One Blood (East Coast Remix)

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(feat. The Game, Junior Reid, Jim Jones, Fabolous, The Clipse, Juelz Santana(extended verse), Nas, Jadakiss, Styles P, Fat Joe, N.O.R.E. & Ja Rule)

Dre I saved hip hop

Uh huh



Birdgang bitch

You know what it is

When you see me two twelvin' you homie

You fuck niggas keep triple ninin', have some integrity

[Verse 1: Jim Jones]


Peace blood, peace almighty (peace blood)

We all thugs and we run the streets nightly (eastsiiide)

And get my lawyer, why cause I ain't coppin' out (nope)

And I fuck wit b-boys who bring them choppers out (yuppp)

One shot of that will have the boys bring the coppers out

And we ballin', for all the toys is what we hoppin' out

My feary side, where we ride and we all fly high

In the leer G5's, so twist ya fingers up and bang mufucka bang

Get ya money up, this cane is what we fuckin' slang

And 9 trey is what I fuckin' claim

Its Dipset, capital don of the bird gang

[Verse 2: Fabolous]

What it look like, all I say it most

Shooters waitin' on the word, just say it Los'

I let these niggas live, I told 'em pull the plug

Have goons pullin' gloves, leave the room full of slugs

Catch me traffickin' on maroon colored dubs

Couple Africans with balloons full of drugs

If they like me, tell 'em line up

While I sit behind team, point 'em out like a line up

[Verse 3: The Clipse]

Red rum, red rum, such power in the tongue

Never in the wildest, was he talkin' da dum

Style on niggas, feel it to the numb

Japanese thread, flavor to these bums

Consider me the savior, look what the lord gave ya

My celebrated presence, like the return of Grateful

Frolic in the snow, so playful

And revivin' the track like we flowin' through jumper cables

What duo, you know, get XXL kudos

While coppin' off Coolio

Classic shit, we mastered this

Left for dead, I'm back, I'm Lazarus

[Verse 4: Juelz Santana]

Mic check, one two, one two

I'm strapped, you strapped, let's play two on two

You're eyein' us in the iron bus

Leak ya, two liters of red juice, Hawaiian punch

So what you boys gon' do to me, I'm born street

Your life's sweet, MTV's Laguna Beach

Mama told me not to play with fire but

She never told me I would grow to be a liar

Now all I gotta do is speak and they burn

It's cremation no urn

How you claim to be a hustler but don't earn?

You need to be whacked (whacked) and dat's dat (dat) AYE!

[Chorus: Game]

Remix, remix, remix, remix

remix, remix, remix

remix, remix, remix

[Verse 5: Nas]

Game got at me about the remix, its an honor my n*gga

I made rap one blood, that say I'm signin' wit Jigga

I got rappers gettin' mad at me

I got these new jack rappers tryna clap at me

I got these corny wanna be diss song kings on the radio

Talkin' bout how they gon' spray and take me away

But I'm the true living, legend I'm not to be questioned

Have your whole hood holler shit about my progression

[Verse 6: Jadakiss and Styles P.]

One blood, we used to the spillin'

Came from the hood so we used to the killin'

Used to the black males, makin' cracksales in the buildin'

How else you get the benz with the suede on the ceilin'

Blood in, blood out, me and homie back to back

Both loaded workin', we about to pitch a shut out

I'm New York's king, I'm New York's hardest n*gga

Anything in between's a motherfuckin' target n*gga

D-B-L-O-C-K he spray

The hawk'll find a nice home right where your cheeks stay

We got a mean team, Hip Hop dream team

Them boys is only in the projects on green screen

No security, put you on the respirator

I'm the bomb, I'm the mothafuckin' detonator

One dutch, one bud, one burner, one slug

Want a couple casualties, but we'll settle for just one blood

[Verse 7: Fat Joe]

All these niggas wanna front trill with them stiff faces

Till them niggas lyin' still up in stiff cases

With them styrofoams and embalmin' fluid

I been gone to long and I'm down to lose it

Somebody go and get this nigga a pine box

And I ain't just talkin' about a measly nine shots

Yeah I'm chopper happy and my wrist loose

Call me Goldie, I'll smack your b*tch too

[Verse 8: N.O.R.E.]

New York get the blood money, dirty cash still sweet

We will blackwall street by the swapmeet with heat

If Def Jam, they gonna flop him

And Reggaeton ain't hot in the building, its okay I get it poppin'

Back to the forest trees for deep, these little knees

Who took believers an opportunity to breathe

And you ain't gotta go overseas to see our rap shit

You can come to Lefrak Queens and get jacked quick


[Verse 9: Ja Rule]

nigga one trick, one blood, L.A., New York

The Game, the RULE, one love, guns up

Hands down, can't touch, the flow is a bit much

The style, wanna keep up, I'd advise you to speed up

With money movin' like coke these days, gotta re-up

G up, cop some heaters and dare a nigga to act up

You see us in gold seaters and throw it up

Its all hood, niggas rep your sets if your cuz or blood

niggas we all bleed, these niggas can't breathe

Only because the guns are drawn and aimed to part

niggas who got bullets with names on them

Want 'em, come get 'em niggas, ya'll know where to get at me

Look at me, now pass me, maybe you can be half me

You bastards, I'm laughin', bullets stickin' in family

Who sadly gets torn between one crip and one blood

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