The Game

The Game - One Blood (Dirty South Remix)

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(feat. The Game, Junior Reid, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Twista, T.I., Chamillionaire, Pitbull, Slim Thug, Young Dro & Bun B)

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

Five Oh Four Gangsta, New Orleans Soldier, Banging Under Water,

Fuck Around And Soak Ya, Lousiana Gunner, Im Bout My Holster,

And If You Gettin Greasy, Im An Ulcer, Im Bickin Back Bein Bool On Tha Eastside,

Im In The New Orleands Where The Blood At The Beehive,

And Aint Nothin Sweet Unless Its Presidential,

Cause That Is Where I Sleep, So Give Me My Key!

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]

One Love To The Gangs, But I'm In The Thangs

Say The Fellows For The Cars, See We Kill For The Fame

The Boss Made It, Yeah We Floss Flagrant

Shame How I Lost Your Life Savings Up In Las Vegas

I'm A Heavy Better, I'm A Heavy Seller

Keep White In The Office, Call It Jerry Heller

Lettin' Off A Hundred Rounds, Let The Barrel Pick

And We Gon' Sit Here, Wait For The Darryl Gates

[Verse 3: Twista]

B*Tch I Got Lords And Gangstas, Show Me Where Them N*Ggas At

Chi Got Two Six's And Kings, Show Me Where Them Killas At

Chi Got Them Ballas And Hustlers, Show Me Where Them Figures At

Game Where Them Triggers At, Aim At Them Fitted Caps

He Got The Clips, I Got The Scope, Let's Get Them Choppers N*Gga

He Got The Kush, I Got The Dope, Let's Get It Poppin' N*Gga

Hurt Him In That Cherry Six Fo', Shit Ain't No Stoppin' N*Gga

Hit Him In The Head And The Body Wit A Bullet,

When I Put Him In The Cemetery Then I Gotta Holler Out

[Hook:The Game]

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

[Verse 4: T.I.]

You Knowin' My Attitude Shitty, Only A Buck Fifty

So I Keep The Smitty's Wit Me, Shhh They Comin To Get Me

Hey Wut You Scared

I'm Prepared In The Mall And All

Wit Chimme Chose, You Can Call Me Quick Draw Mcgraw

B*Tch I'ma Cut That Fool, Better Call The Law

I Start Sprayin', Make F**K N*Gga Fall And Crawl

I Press Play Like Puff, No Pause At All

Choppin' Holes In The All The Walls

Thats All They Saw

[Verse 5: Chamillionaire]

I'm The Realest Youngster Thats Breathin' And I Don't Gotta Give A Reason

Chamillionaire Millionaire, Ya'll Competin' To Be Completin'

My Purpose Is To Get The Cheese An' As A Purpose That Should Defeatin'

So Shut Your Mouth, Have A Seat An' Be Quiet Till I Clear The Sheetin'

My Label Tells Me I'm Greedy, Hoggin' All The Room On Your Tv

Like Eric They Think Its Easy, But It Isnt Easy Believe Me

Need To Make A Room In B.E. Television If You Wanna Be Me

Game Said He Made Room For Jeezy, I Had To Make Room For Me Gee

[Verus 6:Pitbull]

To All my Mexican still i got your backs

I been Livin' and seeing dawg and thats a facts

to the new immirgration laws tryna pass

tryna do nice they can kiss my ass

plus we all my immirgrats then i still represent

imma ride and die im making these livin' diss

all i can say is lil' chico is killin' them

ya'll shota lalala comadom mona boy

[Hook:The Game]

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

[Verse 7: Slim Thug]

Its One Blood If You Blood Or Cuz

From That Number One Thug, Its Still One Love

I Rep My Blue Boy Team But I Do It For Green

I Do It For My Folks, Vice, Lords, And Kings

All Us Trappers, Future Rappers, Standin' Out On The Blocks

Tryna Get Up Out The Hood Mayne, And Stack 'em A Knot

Put Ya Sets In The Air, Scream F**K The Cops

We Gon' Rep For The Hood Mayne, Like It Or Not

[Verse 8: Young Dro]

My Feed Mashable, Murders Are Catastrophical

Cars Is Improfable, I'm Overcomin' Obstacles

Trappin' I Made It Logical, My Topic Is Impossible

I Got A Potna Name Shoe Strings Cuz Shorty Real Crossable

Shot Me To Pop A Do', Cars Be Tropical

All Guns Choppable, All Blocks Are Moppable

I Am Unstoppable, My Calico Is Toxible

Lyrically Diabolical, Cushion Is Not ???

[Verse 9: Bun B]

I'm Comin' Straight Outta P.A.T., Like Compton In All Black

But When We Say What It Do, They Never Say Holla Back

Bun B, The I'm O.G., Like 95 Air Macs

Neon Green Outta Fight Club Off A Fairfax

Acts A Hundreds, Just Do It Fool I Done Done It

At The Summit Of Rap And I'm Watchin' You Haters Plummit

Run To It Or Run From It, To Bun It Don't Give It

Wipe The Streets Wit Ya Like You A Swifter As A Gifter (As A Gift For One Blood)

[Hook: The Game]

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

Remix, Remix, Remix, Remix

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