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The Game's Tribute to Nate Dogg 'All Doggs Go to Heaven'

The Game's Tribute to Nate Dogg 'All Doggs Go to Heaven'Soon after Nate Dogg's sudden passing, The Game hit studio and recorded a tribute song for the late rapper. The track is entitled All Doggs Go to Heaven and it includes a sample of Dogg's catch phrase Hold up! from Dr. Dre's The Next Episode. The track narrates Game's relationship with Dogg and recalls his most cherished moments with him.

The Game 'All Doggs Go to Heaven' - Tribute to Nate Dogg :

DJ Skee debuted the song on March 17. He wrote on his official site, "Game put together a tribute to Nate last night (produced by Don Cannon) that we are sharing with the world now. R.I.P. to the founder of G-Funk, the king of Hooks, and one of the most influential and overlooked artists of our generation, Nate Dogg. We all you homie..." Here is a complete biography of Nate Dogg - Nate Dogg on Browsebiography.