The Game

The Game - Never Be Friends

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[Verse 1]

Yeah though I walk through the valley of death

Vest on, Teflon NOW IM approached in my Hurricane sweats

Black chrome my shoulder, big wheel ‘till it's over

He never got to see me put black chrome on the Rova

Reading your obituary wishing we never met

So I wouldn't have to shed tears or wake up in cold sweats

Lookin' at this bottle of Hennessy wishing you never left

Wishing I chased your Monte Carlo down and gave you my vest

Or better yet I wish they never let you out

And I never got that phone call tellin' me that you out

Wish you never signed the release form

I wouldn't have had to clear this sample

Or use this track to say rest in peace for him

You wanted to know if Dre and Em felt you?

They did, before I could tell you somebody killed you

I feel pain for everybody that ever knew the real you

Call Nas tell him that I got an Ill Will too


[Verse 2]

Niggas politickin' wanna know why I'm rhymin' different

My best friend got murdered, nigga my mind is different

If you ain't never spent no time in prison

You can't understand these bars or the lines I'm spittin'

Niggas rilin' me up let's go find a victim

I can't do it homie that's the reason Shyne in prison

And through divine intervention ten plus years doing crime in the trenches

Multiply by the time we spent in the kitchen

It's a life worth of hard livin', Cuban cigar tippin'

Twelve grade ditchin', purple serve by the jar sippin'

If you lost a homie you know friendship is God given

I've done seen the church so much you'd think I was born Christian

I've done seen more dead bodies than a mortician

Seen niggas in and out of county blues like they was born crippin'

So I'ma keep on livin' cause when I'm gone niggas ain't gonna do shit

But fuck my bitch and poor liquor


[Verse 3]

What if you was me

And you had to sit through an entire funeral

While the Pastor readin' your homeboy's eulogy

I'm already dead

What the fuck you gonna do to me?

Keep talking shit I'll empty my clip in that G-Unit tee

Gimme a minute to say my grace with God

I'll see your face in the mirror I came a long way to talk

And tell you your Moms is missing you

Your Pops is missing you

Just saw your baby pictures in your Grandmother's living room

Face is missing you homie

Wink is missing you

Thank God you left us memories and songs to listen to

VALE is missing you

The hood is missing you

Let my son graduate high school

And I'm gonna come visit you

The world is missing you

Eminem was feeling you

Dre said he felt your vibe the little time we spent with you

Pour the Henny out cuz he ain't here in the physical

They say real men don't cry but nigga I'm missing you


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