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The Game - My Love For You

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My love for you is like an angel flyin through the sky like a bird in the winter.And your love for me is so deep sort of like a black rose crack in the seemen.My love for you lives on like the memory of alliyah singing her last song and Your love for me it never die like a black child struggling in the ghetto to survive.(verse 1)My heart goes out to the beautiful women that raised me 20 years after the watch roit early 80's pops on drugs moms couldn't take me in had a daughter already she was to young to feed another baby and then shit got crazy 2 years came and went baby sister on the way we can even pay the rent no hot water I reminse tears running down my face as I hold my daughter you spend years by the fireplace hours in the graden every sunday after church bible study at the courts I was hard head back then iwas selling crack when your hard earn money paid for basketball practice always at the game on time yelling at the coach wonder why your babyboy seating on the pine even then know life get harder sometimes keep my head up and I can make the sunshine with just one rhyme walk with me.(chours)(verse 2)in and out of lanes in that 57 lincoln continental pedal to the floor looking for the highway to heaven remember when your babyboy was 7we had some good times like I was jj and you was florida evans I should of listen to the revend no I drown my pain in this 40oz and these boring ass records disrepecting your house born reckless look at me inside your jewerly box about to pawn your necklace everynight your in the window lookin but what you do when your grandson is crooked and to old for whippen used to tell me I was smarter then that took me down to the compton swapmeet bought my first starter hat pulled over raid a jacket to match a pair of levis and number 8 jordans with the all black straps when you died my soul crack can I get a soul clap I'm walkin without a heart can somebody hold that(chorus)(verse 3)I got a lot of things I want asked the lord like way I can't see my grandmother's face no more and why I can't seem to live without her and if I pray could he sent her back to me one day cause heaven to crowed everytime I think about it I miss your smile I can barely cope my angel is gone I'm heartbroke drowning in my own tears cause somebody trough me a rope and spread so I can fly I'm ready to die might cry but I'm still a man might be a man but I still cry big momma my angel in the sky if you want to feel my pain then close your eyes hold your breathe now that's to close to death open your eyes see the light now and if you love your grandmother like I love mine go tell her right now I know how this might sound well my plan is to show you that I understand you are apperciated.

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