The Game

The Game - MTV Rap Fix Freestyle

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Red rose white ceiling

Nobody, no cash, just blood spilling,

I ain’t a dead president, but I love maidens

They like gang when you bang, yeah blood chilling.

But I don’t know allies, I know villains,

I’ve been lost .. with some drug dealers,

I bought the.. and hit the block and..

Industry is big crack, that after…

But I ain’t seen any here,

Still survived like the New York is the first tear

Still the most.. spit the most butter,

My albums got more game than…

Who said I never go platinum,

Who said I never drive a van?

I park in every strip club in Atlanta.

… I keep the level here,

Boy I know…. after doing buis and affairs.

…to see murder,

Come to my hood, see murder

Ain’t a block in my city that you ain’t heard of

Pull up on the block, no love,

Black ..and we all fit OJ’s glove.

And I’mma keep name dropping, as long as my name popping

… all white nights, white rage, white crimes

..cracking the concrete living a coke… life.

I spit .. like.. switch cars,

Switch stars, you know why?

Cause I’m a crib.. fuck you bitch!

I live life like ain’t no money on my..

I write the sixteens, you’re singing on a…

..I’m whipping ‘em out.

Being gang bang is the first.. result.

But me and my… are rare,

All I need is the infra-red

Forget the gun loaded is info rare,

and I lock ‘em down for a roof top, but hit ‘em up close,

Let ‘em know that I’m a fucking killer like..

Face, no chase for the…

When it comes for a chef in the kitchen, I’m a chef like…

..rolling out, pouring out some liquor for my..

I was bigger than the… they was…

And wonder why I walk around with my soul lost,

Black hoodie, I write music like Mozart

Diesel, John Travolta, I play both..

Drag my… it’s been like it’s a…

Ain’t been crazy since I learned how to throe dust

Wanna pull my mother fucker..

I black out, you should back out, too

Cause I’ve got a night vision, with this mother fucking infra-red.<br />

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