The Game

The Game - Maniac

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Damn it's 1am already huh shit ep you ain't lost a muthafuckin beat since that doctors advocate intro this shit sound crazy piano keys 808 drums oh shit what the fuck was that ray charles on some gangsta shit

I'm a maniac niggas tryna still I gotta to warn u not to cross dat line cause I'm a mutherfuckin maniac nigga it's about that time to introduce em to that new tech nine my momma told me I'm a maniac don't trust me nigga cause I dnt trust me nigga I'm a mutherfuckin maniac so dnt trust me nigga cause I dnt trust me nigga

I'm fuckin insane gloc 45 put it to my own brain blow the shit out come back that's why they call me game yeah I'm loco got u rap niggas in a choke hold jermaine dupri ass niggas always rappin so so always on my dick jhokin my car jhokin my bitch westside I'm on that gansta shit after snoop ther be nomore except for me I snuck in doctors dres kicken and stole tha recipit cook crack on these dope ass beats I got heat like pacinoe lyrical assain ther will be no more beefin with these corny ass rap niggas kill a nigga on ya song neva buss a gat nigga yellin out celo neva shot a crack nigga herd one jezzys verse now u a trap nigga 2 classic albums 8 times plac nigga hip hops new blood check tha stats nigga

I only been gone 5 months now ray j fuckin whitney and bobby with superhead call nas tellem hiphop is super dead I had to fall backtry to desolve rap mix a classic with backin soda wat u call that niggas cut my legs off and watch me crawl back hiphop king with a la dodger ball cap who can fuck with me go buck for buck with me listnin to my rhymes waitin for me to say fuck 5* I ain't gon happen nigga hiphop done went soft a millon dollars every time I slap a nigga you niggas know take it from a OG no more fuck you back to sayin fuck da police I stay on dat muthafuckin straight out of Compton NWA shit hiphop need a facelift face it takem back to tha basics specially since I road in on doctor dres hits

Shit man I dope as a muthafucker I'm so dope niggas should put my skinny ass in one of those fuckin bottles and put a red topon it and sell me name yo price fuck it I'm crack skee ep...

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