The Game

The Game - Lost

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Verse 1:

Sometimes I have fucked up dreams

Wake up in cold sweats

Can't sleep, hit the kitchen for some more wet

I get drunk, but I ain't never smoked no wet

Been on tour 3 months and I ain't had no sex

Been meditating, exercising my mental bowflex

Michael Jackson dead which one of us 'bout to go next

Me, Mary J, Robin Thicke or Britney Spears?

Nigga I ain't afraid to die tell the Devil I'm right here

Or I could take these strings out these Nike Airs

Tie em around the ceiling fan and end it right here

Kick the ladder cos I climbed that twice

Hate It or Love it, I'm One Blood

Nigga it's my life, and I could die if I want to

And momma you could cry if you want to

Just tell my sons the truth and as the maggots eat away at my flesh,

Let this iced out cross fall through the bones in my chest

I'm... (lost)

[Chorus 5X]

I can't find my way

Verse 2:

If I tell you a story you gotta keep it between us

Only other niggas that know is Spliff Star and Buss

I call Buss when I need a shoulder

And I don't know he's listening,

So he call me back and say "I told ya"

But anyway...

My pops is a pedophile,

How you stick your 28 year old dick in your child?

And now how it feel to be 52 and have a son that's a millionaire and he don't fuck wit u, daddy?

She was only in the sixth grade,

The day I heard her scream I should've hit you with the switchblade

Then she ran but I ain't know which way

She ended up in Vegas doing everything a pimp say

I seen her one Christmas with a black eye

Took her to the store and bought her shades with my last five

My little sister is a prostitute

And I'ma tell you what I'm 'bout to do

Go get her cos she's... (lost)

[Chorus 5X]

She can't find her way

Verse 3:

That's all I'm thinking on this greyhound

Usually I be in this seat with birds and a trade pound

But this time I'm riding for family

Like Khaled did for Ross they hold it down in Miami

On my way to Michigan. Not to see D-12,

I'm knocking on every door "Have you seen this female?"

Here's a picture of my pretty baby sister,

Here go one when she was ten and this one our last Christmas

Lil' light skin girl, long curly black hair

Sorry for wasting your time I know you prolly don't care

Feel like I walked longer than just 8 miles

Ran into a boarder up BMF safe-house

Made me think about all the time I spent with Meech

Making it rain in Magic city

When life was a Georgian peach

That life was a rotten apple, running faster than New York

You see my sister called me cos life is too short, to get ...(lost)

[Chorus 5X]

She can't find her way

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