The Game

The Game - Kush (Remix)

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[Verse 1:]

You wonder why when this dropped the third verse was...

Cause I smack rappers, I'm a pimp see

R.I.P. to Pimp C, Ciroc in my pimp cup

Me and Dogg got white boys throwing that shit up

So light that shit up, kush rolled, glass full

Puff puff pass west side get the last pull

Don't make me blow that dust off of my 6'4

Brown paper bag with a bottle full of cristal

Compton monster sold out concerts

Killed everything in my sight, Charles Bronson

And if you don't fuck with kush after tonight you will

Couple of red exotic cars and blue pills

Park that Aston Martin next to that Snoop Deville

Fuck with him or the doc nigga I shoot to kill

Aftermath bitch, we get the lass in

Cause we done smoked it, drove it and pro'ly crashed it

[Verse 2:]

Niggas put my face on the milk carton

Take the shit off

Cause I've been home with the kids instead of breaking shit up

I'm asthmatic after-mathmatic now where the static

Dre want me in the booth

The room better be padded

Cause I'm loco

Psychotic six hundred wide body

Lost a couple mil last year but why cry about it

West side got a nigga back so I throw my dubs up

Never leave without my straps like that

Got palm trees we coming through on 3's

The AFTER and the TH nigga we got it on me

Aftermath general one love to 50

I ain't seen him in a minute though

Used to be my nigga yo

Money changed niggas

But we the same nigga

Add fuel to the fire that makes the flame bigger

Well sometimes egos clash with desert eagles

But I stay loyal to the city where the weed grow

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale (Compton [x12])

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