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The Game - Just Another Day

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Just another day out

Just another day x 3

Just another day out


Just another day out so I hologram the easy round my way

Every day I start to pray, I, hop into that main , I

I knw I said I would but sometime a nigga have to cross over like

I step over like Stef curry

I cross over like CP but

But I will not cross over so nigga buy the CD

This in W hit ha?

Smkin that bomb baby, wwe stay high

Niggas is killin’, we of the way ha?

Thinkin bout the day I first meet Dray I,

I got my after math chain

I stop the A, I start with som gangsta shit but shit go that day I

I’m depin down grandly

I feel like I ain’t need your love

Wrote the song, hear the swithcers

Then I recorder the shit with faith I

I did the BT in walls like Marry Jane

I stay on top of California, life bate nigga

That’s another day I, feelin’ that _____(?) remind me of you

This another day I, had drink, more shit, she will lay on

Shout out to the bray out

Got my nigga drive me down with some crumblin’ with some lay down

Cuz a nigga wanna drip, got that thang got that on my waste sign

Shout to my nigga up in west side

Take this ever rose picture, send ‘em up the way i

Love my niggas especially in the band I, hold you down if I never see you again

I put that on my kinds I, swet that _____(?)

I’ll drive places with you and do something with your ears

I come frontin’ m fears I, roll up fact when disspear

I wish you nggas was here

Ust the other day I was runin’ throw the hood

Feelin’ like old me should go in my city

I understand I’ve been misunderstood

Niggas hatin’ cuz they wish they could

Kill me, put my face on that …..

Keepin’ their bitches in missionary position, now look

Don’t never ask me by a dray, I’ve been one hunit

With my nigga since the day one

I sign to the math thing


Still the day I, had a drink more of this and shout out to the bay bro

Got my nigga drive me down, with some problem with the lay out

When the nigga wanna drip got that think, wanna wear a sign

Just the other day

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