The Game

The Game - I'm Home

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Feat. Kurupt

Nigga im from Compton

I dont need no motha fuckin pass no stamp no nothin

I dont need a passport to come though the motha fuckin hood nigga

I got a gun in the Bently


Yeah throw on my levis throw on my hoodie

Tie up my jordans I am ready for whatever

Hit the block like Bush but I ain’t no saint

I am just a hood nigga that taught himself how to paint

Picture this motha fucka

I tell you how I went from rags to riches motha fucka

Welcome to the block life niggers on the block light

The boy Hove can’t tell me shit about the rock life

I started with powder turned it into hard rock

Call it cafe in the pheens hit all black

It was just hustlin' listening in the scar face

Do like tall cans lookin out for marked vans

I used to do it for my mother change the diapers for my sister

Clean the Pumas from my brother mother fucker

If that’s not hood send a shot to my dome

Wipe the wheels of my Bentley nigger and tell the hood I am coming home


I’m home you know what it is

Ready for the beers and I got to do it in peace

How many times do you run these streets so many times the streets are calling me

I used to hit the block like a bat out of hell

with a blunt in my mouth and a pocket full of shells

somebody shot my older brother give a fuck about a jail

Give a fuck who outside I don’t care who tell

It was like that when we were just boys in the hood

Nigga fuck what you saw on boys in the hood

This is real feel my pain feel my gun

Grab it and when we pull up on this corner let him have it

You wanna know how it feel to kill

Then grab my steal and peel at will

Put the ski mask on hop in the back seat

Show’em how to turn the block into a track meet

Your honor I am guilty I am felon and I pack heat

Pheens know my name cause Game let the crack speak

If that’s not hood then send a shot to my dome

Wipe the Lamborghini down nigga and tell the hood I am coming home


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