The Game

The Game - I Just Want To Fuck

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You wanna get down

I get down right


If I met Beyonce today I’d tell her I love her

And maybe we can play .. under my curtains

The dream I had about you last night

I am telling you now

Lights off so we can have the destiny child

.. Jay-Z who’s got the best of you now

We can watch .. and you can wrestle me down

One night stand one night into town

One call to make sure you’re home that’s how I get down

Like Keisha … flow so I am gonna take it easy and put the patrol down

Go to Merry .. get some weed to blow you’re my big brother .. know

Living the good life

I just wanna fuck (repeats)

She ain’t never been shit

New was not now talking shit

All I did was fuck her

She’s mad of all these celebrities ..

Nothing but a gangster posted in the …

I know you post it when you see us

Fly real high higher as we wanna be

I got Justin Simpson call me …

Fly white bitches but I am gonna be …

Tell my nigger game only …

So we can get that cheese

We got bitches that can make it happen over seas

I could fly Rihanna

Kind of look like Rihanna

I just wanna fuck (repeats)

She is .. it’s time to take her home

And the .. cd is time to get dope

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning

And I am mowing

One hand on the wheel

The other hand get her pussy

I want it the way she’s screaming

I’m drunk I am ..

Walk or dreaming

.. this is wheel one

Before I get you home

Baby you will come

.. explosive before she notice

I’m gonna get you under hypnoses

Get you open while I make love to your mouth

I pull it .. coming out my mouth

I just wanna fuck (repeats)

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