The Game

The Game - HVN4AGNGSTA feat. Master P

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let my niggas see y'all, hop box the 7 till the smoke start to see bout

got on chains like a slave in the deep south

could have been michael jordan but I took the master p route

had to take the street route, niggas know what we bout

hardest snitch when the glock knock your fucking teeth out

and I just voted for Obama nigga, but I'll still shoot you in front of your mama's nigga

Word to Michelle, got stripe like gazelles

Pour hot sauce into devil food, strike a match ahead

skip that yale, just to tip that scale

my favorite stripper drive a maybach, I tip that well

fifth jell in the phantom with a chick that's pale

white america's nightmare, rich black man

used to work at footlocker, had to use my brother piss

i got the job and he got hit with the 50


Is there a heaven for a gangster, gangster, gangster, aha

Is there a heaven for a gangster, gangster, gangster, aha

everything your heart, everything your heart

is there a heaven for a gangster

I think so, but my blood still run cold

I'm tryina make my mama feel like Gabys when she wanna go

the greatest stories remain untold

as souls with the way transparent in that gun smoke

i tell the stories so my sons know

i believe there is a heaven for a gagnsta nigga

used to have pump blow, to make my funds grow

cause when them funds low, that uzzi weight a ton know

catch me in the morning, sipping champagne on instagram

funny how that chandelier used to be a ceiling fan

funny how that buick ...turned into a lamb

funny how lilly's grand son turned into a man

I look around out here, a bunch of little me's

everybody tryina do it big, a bunch of little seeds

and since little jojo can no longer breathe

i'ma ask y'all for him, so check it


my nigga dead didn't make the team, could have been the next ml king

young niggas rolling with them triple beans

cup full of lean but why a nigga spilling dreams

and the little homies dying over twitter beef

black president, niggas should consider peace

it's a dirty game nigga when you got cash

bitches don't holler when a nigga on his ass

and the pigs hit the trap and they got seat

really know the motherfuckers want me

and now the world's got Chief Keef

he's just a little nigga tryina eat

i remember bitch 99, now it's 2012 i'm getting mine

little niggas pay attention, all my real niggas know that I miss em


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