The Game

The Game - Hollywood

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Open up the mind of a killer

Niggers on the front line strong as gorillas

Another dead body in the mist

Compton tattooed on his stomach

Ain’t that a bitch?

Hub City thugs with me buck 50

Reunite with G-Unit?

Bitch fuck 50

Look, take this dick or take this hit

We do it big keep our bitches on that fay fay shit

So what it is let me tell you what it ain't

Niggers tryna leave the city but they can't

Stuck on Central and Rosecrans

America meet the dope man

More gold than Trinidad James

Guns in both hands

Fiends smokin rock out of Coke can

Seduced by that white girl Marilyn Monroe man

You see the city right?

You got some weed and the molly good

Now take your bitch ass to Hollywood

Now take your bitch ass to Hollywood

Now take your bitch ass to Hollywood

Lights camera action you gone

Hollywood swing but will I catch you? It's on

The streets got three simple rules

Hear no evil speak none you do blind eye

Niggers need to learn to keep they mouth shut

Nosy motherfuckers get their ass shut the fuck up

It's money over everything trust me

So I won’t let my nuts hang in plus weed

Been known to pull the murderous stunts

Get away scot free niggers bluffing they blunt

My niggers Looney tones

Cause when it’s fuck me, then it’s fuck you

I’m all day plotting on that get back

And when it’s all mapped out you finna get that

I show’em all fuckers where the strength at

I said I had an army and I meant that

So when I’ll be on a hunt in California

But I’ve got killers off in Hollywood

So take yo bitch ass out the Hollywood

Take yo bitch ass out the Hollywood

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