The Game

The Game - Hate It Or Love It (Stree Remix)

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[50 Cent]

That'll be the end of 50 Cent or Shady/Aftermath

I'm movin' forward in my career

As Dre had got creatively tied up on to The Game project

If he's confused(echo)..

[Verse 1: The Game]

Comin' up he was confused his mama kissin' a girl

This shit happen in my household I might hurl

Daddy ain't around probably out doin' crack

And Scarface told me a snitch is just like a rat

Wanna live good so he snitched on thugs

Somebody must have told him steroids wasn't a drug

Walk around town everyday in that snitch coat

Put niggaz behind bars but homie that ain't dope

Boy toss and turn in his sleep at night

Wake up in the morning watch Cops and Miami Vice

Different day same snitch ain't nothin' good in the hood

He'd run away from New York and never come back if he could

[Chorus: The Game]

Hate it or love it the underdogs on top

And he gon tell and go runnin' to the cops

Go 'head snitch on me, I'm raps MVP

And I ain't goin no where so dey come and get me


[Verse 2: The Game]


On the grill of my low rider

Guns on both sides right up by the gold wires

I'll fo' five 'em

Kill Banks on my song and really do it

that's the true meaning of a ghost rider

Ten g's will take Yayo out his Air Forces

Believe in me homie I know all about losses

I'm from Compton where the wrong colours be cautious

One phone call will have his body broke in parts and

I stay strapped like car seats

Been bangin' since my 'lil nigga Rob, got killed for his Barkley's

That's ten years I told Buck in '05

I catch 50 let me tie up my Air Max '95's

Told you niggaz when I met you I'ma rider

And if I got a die I'd rather homicide

I ain't have 50 Cent when my grandma died

Now I'm goin' back to Cali

Same Jacob on, see how time fly?


[Verse 3: The Game]

From the beginning to the end, losers lose

When it's win this is real we ain't gotta pretend

The cold world that we in

It's full of pressure and pain

Enough of that faggot now listen to Game

Told Dre from the gate I'd carry the heat for ya

First mixtape song I inherited beef for ya

Gritted my teeth for ya, G-G-G-G'd for ya

Put Compton on my back when you was in need of soldiers

At my last show I threw away my NWA gold

And had the whole crowd yellin' "FUCK YAYO"

So niggaz betta get up outta mine

Fo' I creep and turn violater into Colombine

And I'm raps MVP, dont make me remind y'all Yayo was NBC

That nigga ain't Gotti, he pretend

Mad at me cuz Olivia got a new boyfriend

It seems like ya 'lil rat turned out to be a mouse

Beef shit is for the birds and the birds fly south

Even 50 Cent can vouch, when the doubts was out

I gave G-Unit mouth-to-mouth


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