The Game

The Game - Fire In Ya Eyes

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(feat. Cyssero, Ya Boy)


Love is as well gone

As sunny sunny days

[Hook x2: Game]

Yeah I'm addicted to slugs

I can tell by your pearl handle you know how to treat a thug

I see the fire in ya eyes every time we hug

and I know sometimes you just wanna be rubbed, I'm in..


[Ya Boy:]


I know you don't like the word mami

But you my bitch. That's how it is..


I see the fire in ya eyes half evil half sexy I

Love to take it down every night if ya let me I admit

Baby girl I have my eyes on you

Hopin that one day I can flip the pies on you

Since you down south show you what that rock could do

Come back rich, yeah nigga that's my proof

I, hold the gauge you can hold the twenty-two

Nigga run up on Ya Boy baby you be shootin' too

Fuck Bonnie and Clyde mama, we much deeper

Ya Boy love dough and you the toppings on my pizza

The heater to my ether, my beautiful senorita

And I knew you was my bitch from the first, moment I seized ya

And just like, every blunt needs some green

Every gun needs a beam, every thug needs a queen

She suckin me up, I be sippin the bub

Had to pinch myself, nigga, I think I'm in.. I'm in..

[Hook x2]


Shit.. Fuck.. That's how it go..

Lemme show ya man.. ?? .. That's my bitch man.

First time I held her, the first time I banged her

First time I made her bust, first time I aimed her

Me and her the oh six (06) Bonnie and Clyde

And I call her Nino Wesson when there's drama she ride (ah ha)

And it's gutter hell, it's just me and my bitch

Like Ready to Die, track number twelve

Yea that's wifey: sexy, chrome and black complexion

Got me gettin erection

She chill on my hip, when I play the strip wit her

Show her how much I love her when I stick my clip in her

I get chips and dip with her

Then the shit'll get ugly if I'm doin ? wit her

Menage a toi, double the action

Real street niggaz know I be double the slappin

And to my main squeeze, believe me

The Fire in ya eyes, will have me squeeze on a man easy

[Hook x2]


Night after night..

lookin through that glass window wishin you was mine

Wishin I could hold you..

Just wanna squeeze the life outta you..

I remember in '96 when we met, you got the best of me

I had an appetite for destruction, you had the recipe

Told me the last motherfucker chose his destiny

One in the head, execution style, so I'm guessin

He ain't know you was special, misused you and abused you

Put his hand around your neck, squeezed harder when you refused

To open your mouth, give him everything you got

I see the fire in ya eyes and in a nigga the shot

I guess what I'm tryin to say is that I like you a lot

You let me hold you like he hold you we take over the block

Go from the dope spot to the CL drop

You like it I love it, now me and you callin the shots

Remember yesterday when we rocked ____ (muted) ??

You told me you wished you could've been there when Pac got knocked

Tonight we goin to the range, that'll get you hot

Wear your pretty dress, the one with the infrared dots

I'm in..

[Hook x2]

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