The Game

The Game - Eat Ya Beats Alive

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Three wheel motion around the corner on these niggaz mayne

Smashin down the block, Charlie O beat in the deck

Game, what it do? (What it do?)

[The Game]

They love the way a nigga hop them six-fours and shit

The way I, push buttons make them Diablo doors lift

The way I, stick and move, when I'm behind the wheel

of that new Escalade with the Foreman grill

The way I, peel back niggaz jerseys

It ain't your life, I'm just not a big fan of James Worthy

So wait 'til I see y'all, I'm real surgical with the Ruger

But you won't catch my face on E.R.

But you might catch them dudes from the ambulance

Squattin on top of ya mans givin 'em each CPR

Tryin to get 'em to "Breathe Again" like Toni Braxton

Told y'all 'bout comin to Cali, with them phony accents

Hollywood got movies, but it ain't no actin

So wear that bling to them awards like it ain't no jackers

We chain snatchers (twenty-fo' seven)

[Chorus: JT]

When you're on the West coast - eat ya beats alive

When ya come to the lab - eat ya beats alive

Fuckin with this cash - eat ya beats alive

Cause it's all about math - eat ya beats alive

When you're on the West coast - eat ya beats alive

When ya come to the lab - eat ya beats alive

All about this cash - eat ya beats alive

Nigga all about math - eat ya beats alive

[The Game]

It ain't nuttin to spray you faggots

Or have your moms get you a Burberry suit so you look good in that casket

It's {*reversed*} you faggots, desperado in tact

June, Drago, The Game and D-Mac (holla)

Come through in a grim reaper black Cadillac

Seven-three, ooh-wee, you see, who he

With the ugliest, flows, money hungriest

Oh, the kid got hoes, you ain't know?

Head is never optional, get my whistle, blizzow

Carry pistols, to your Sources and your Grammys

Of course it's that nigga that kick down doors

And leave rooms filled with corpses, Jordan and bloody Air Forces

To get my dough I come back like Air Jordan

Same shot, lil' older, still no nigga can hold him

Stepped back, sold crack let the Compton streets mold him

Big face said I could it, he'll bet you a G



See I'm the nigga with the most flow

Figgaro from killer Cali, reppin Get Low, niggaz know

Independent with my hustle

Couldn't give a fuck money or muscle it's time to bubble

West coast is the place where we holdin it down

Bay area thuggin, they knowin it now

I'm from the home of the Get Low, home of the get dough

Home where they want mo' so niggaz get they pistol

Run up in yo' back do', lookin for the cheddar cheese

Canary wristwatch on celebrities

Diamond bezelled iced out with hella cheese

And every fuckin link is like a masterpiece

Catch 'em slippin comin out the Burger King

Parkin lot project life, we like to spark a lot

Better known as a bandit, niggaz cain't stand it

My whole block gets hard like granite


[JT] Nigga

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