The Game

The Game - Drama Is Real

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(feat. San Quinn)

[20 second instrumental to open]

[San Quinn]

Drama is real, like not wakin up

I'm breakin up grounds when this patriot thrust

Your mouth is on shut, your emotions are hidden

For you to handle your business, you are more than driven

If you kill it no more standin on that corner like a stop sign

Everytime you spotted they call it shot time

Not at the gym but in the grim reaper's hands

You important if a bullet hits, injure your plans

This is not an adventure, but a full-time duty

If you seen how niggaz hit the club, they pullin out uzis

Sometimes bruisin and grazin, mostly takin

No more sleep for the shooter, no more of that hangin

No mo' trustin hoes you ain't know fo' ten plus

No mo' smokin with the homies, no mo' late night clubs

Cause the victim, is ready to stick him like a mousetrap

I'm 'bout to rap, you better be 'bout peepin out cash

[Chorus: The Game]

If there's blood on my Nikes I done murdered a nigga

If the stash spot smokin I done murdered a nigga

San Quinn got a hurt for the nigga, it get worser for niggaz

We take this beef shit further than niggaz

Streets are shady, the Game got curtains for niggaz

All-of-a-sudden-ass killers never heard of these niggaz

Have your whole family cryin a river, we'll murder you niggaz

We take this beef shit personal nigga

[The Game]

I ain't met a nigga yet could fuck with this rap vet

I'm the realest since I came in the game on Kam back

Rest in peace to Mausberg, gotta live with that

Keep the M2 on my hip, I live with that

Eat with that, sleep with that, come get me

Four-fifty put somethin through your son Easter basket

Six in your truck, get you each a casket

Put termites in your box let 'em eat your cabbage

A wife right here, see if she can weave through traffic

Everybody gotta die, when the beef is active

If you know Game, you know I'll never give free passes

But I give choices, how you want it, metal or plastic

Life is real, pedal to traffic, no spots on my tail

Cops on the payroll so me and Quinn live well

And I can still get a nigga the hill, your bitch as well

Shotgun got mo' punks than shells


[The Game]

See the Escalade got 'em runnin downhill, snowball niggaz

We throw vapors out of truck windows, blow our figures

Suede corners out the sunroof, the fifth or the Ruger

Broad daylight, blow the windows out of your Cougar

Move in the S5, plus my, leather dust fly

Spark up a dutch, Game put niggaz in a coffin too much

Turn niggaz kids into orphans too much, In God We Trust - nah

Keep the fifth close like Starsky & Hutch

Your daughter cryin it's just {?} tuck, but so what

Blow the dutch, southpaw bust out your whole fronts

Have you eatin soup for months, broken jaw, lick your shit out of straws

I guess I got that same ol' harm

I ain't for play, the Game is raw

Specialize in death jackets, here try these bullets on

And next time have all my cheese cause if you owe me

Guns O-U-T, we all gon' squeeze


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