The Game

The Game - Dope Game

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(feat. Lil Wayne And The Clipse)

[Lil Wayne:]

Money to be made best believe a nigga glockin'

I run it myself like a quarterback option

I pitch her ten G's tell a bitch to go shoppin'

She buy herself some clothes and she brought me back a chopper

See niggas tryna kick it but no I don't play soccer

I'm all about my cake I'm tryna marry Betty Crocker

A package on the way you know my whip game proper

And off of one key I see seventy thousand dollars

Now I was shootin' dice smokin' on a joint

I bet with Yo Gotti he hit five straight points

We over here hustlin' we over here grindin'

You rap about money and a nigga might sign you

Rap about me and a nigga might find you

Banana in your ass with your head right behind you

Dope game bitch let his mama worry about him

You could holla at me or Feat

[The Game:]

As if he fuckin' come at us with real murder shit

John Mohammed Lee Malvo when me and the kid split

Surgical when I'm in a convertible state of mind

Lock me in the pen watch the murder rate decline

I'll do mine like Shyne soon as I hit the bricks

You better have fake on that Bad Boy shit

I got niggas that'll kidnap kids to get dough

And dress up like SpongeBob in a six-four

It's fucked up what they did so I'm on one knee

God bless the brother of rich fo'

Ain't no love lost I'm still Don sippin'

Readin' the LA Times and Louis Vuitton slippin'

Sittin' behind bars for the simple fact that the

Hip Hop police is drivin' behind Scar's

Air Force One's in the Bentley GT

It's the reason I'm still rap's MVP


Ugh.. so much glamour that I can't stand the

Bright from the ice the chain xenon lamp ya

Impression in your mind like a freeze-frame camera

The white tee tight like you seen on Pampers

What's under the couch probably free off santa

Whatever it cost baby we got answers

Line outside full of jojo dancers

We Got It 4 Cheap that's the re-up anthem

By far the coldest '06 Lotus

Zero to sixty hokus-pokus

The feds don't know so they stick they noses

While we off the coast proposin' toast-es

Hoes and mo' shit the family close-knit

And deep like the who too you cockroaches

Just like the flow the fo's ferocious

I'll tuck you in homie buenas noches

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