The Game

The Game - Dollar and a Dream

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Started with a dolla and a dream and a pistol

On the corner rag hangin', slangin' crystal

I said ya gangbanging let me see credentials

And when I pull this gun out ya know how this go

Started wit a dolla and a dream!

(Look at me now, look at me now)

Started wit a dolla and a dream!

(Verse: Ab-Soul)

I was fathered by the bastards

Pardon my mannerisms

The Curtis magnet that man is without the medal wit him

How the hell I did it? I let God ad lib it

I put that on Leetwood, I ain’t lie in one sentence

Bitch, I started wit a dolla and a dream

We went from helping old ladies wit their groceries at Alpha Beta

For a couple quarters to a baby hustling sumething major

We had to grow up sooner or later, but

I’m so delighted on my mama still stay off Anna Lee

Carson across my belly, I prove ya lost already

Roccett my big brother, Bishop let the door crack

Game took me on my first tour, now look where we at

In the studio getting paid to reflect on that

Documenting true facts

Not to mention this the Documentary 2 too

Ya do the addition in ballerina shoes

Enough wit the clever raps, it’s more important than that

I put my city on the map, nigga

Yeah, I really put my city on the map

I mean, when the last time ya heard Carson on the track, nigga?

Let alone when they calling out stomping grounds on the West

I’ll wait

Yeah, that’s what I thought, I’m the best, nigga

This the new West, nigga, respect that

It’s Top Dawg, all I’m missing is the red hat

But don’t question what pocket I had left, my handkerchief

I’m guilty by affiliation, in many ways gangsta

But let me explain sumething, a paradox if ya may

I threw all my fresh Supreme Chuck Taylors today

And then I got a call from Chuck Taylor, I’m saying

The game ain’t changed, we still changing the game



(Verse 2: The Game)

My first album was a set up

I was the little nigga Pac was talking to

When he said 'keep yo head up'

Cuz he knew what I would be facing after his demise

Jason had to pitch them pies, better life than flipping fries

I'm the one the Crips despise

Move the Yay or kiss the sky, for having dreams that 50 died

Eulogy by Mary Blige

Hopped up in that enterprise, had to stop a genocide

Went from underdog to watching Top Dawg and Kendrick rise

Now tell me can I testify, pull ova trying to rest for 5

On a block, no tint on the Wraith left these kids mesmerized

They ask me how I did it, how I got it

Say I'm king ya looking [?]

I put them waste down start practicing lyrical exercise

Tell me who the next to die, probably who the next in line

They got me babbling ghost cuz I'm the illest one alive

That's word to Pac, Pun, Biggie, why I stand as my city

[?] to run a train, ya couldn't fuck wit me

Eva since I saved my coast, it's been born again

If I ain't shit then who the king of California then?

Who could out-rap me?

Now think about if the same nigga ya bout to say can run up and out-strap me, yeah

Out-trap me, yeah, out-gat me

I mean think about it, exactly

Speaking matter-of-factly I'm down playing that actually

Call me Game I ain't one still I get paid like an athlete

Do the math after the math, Doc two in the bag

Lived up to expectations, Dre took me first in the draft

Now who the fuck want what

Nobody survives so look alive when them Impalas in the cut


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