The Game

The Game - Dedicated

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Dedicated to all my niggers up North

Dedicated to the dirty South of course

Dedicated to all my niggers on the East

Dedicated to West Coast niggers is …

From us to you and all of them

Don’t get gas my nigger watch your reams

I started off in a hood what you would call a …

Me? I was a nerd started with a gammy

Now I got to make back currency is …

White … with a .. in it

For real now watch how we are spinning

River side drive in about 5 minutes

4 5 2 I too make a nigger sneeze when we ride by you

Ice cream jeans with a more mellow top

Polo 75 with 8 size and my heart for show

How we count …he count commas

You all nigger count 0 come to VIP nigger

We can count whores

Don’t forget the candy pan sitting on …

I got banana clips under my clothes

This is dedicated to niggers that flips o

(Feat. Pharrell)


Come to .. YSL

Who ever seen a …

Hit the bottom real hard

Have you ever seen the spikes on a new Luis Vuitton

Spike .. make a bitch go hard

Read air max with a fucking go cars

We already did it what the fuck is going on

.. walk out with no charge

Oh lord why your white friends all wear tight pants

We own … pants

You do it like Nike my shit …

Act a back Lambo inside …

Get criminal we should be in …

You … hard ass dicking

.. this shit is exciting


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