The Game

The Game - Daytona 500 (500 Bars) PART 2

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Yeah, got the nights on backyard looking like Vegas when the fight’s on

Hood morning, hood evening, hood afternoon for no reason

Bought 50 to the face man you’re bleeding

Thinking Leonidas 300 while we cheesing

Hopping that 300 tell my niggers we leaving

Tell that nigger land on the ground, we even

No need for oxygen mask, he ain’t breathing

…the lights on…

Ain’t no fucking witnesses but everybody seen it

They know what the bizness is, I’m ripping up some pea nuts

Got no love for bitches, all I’m giving them is penis

Gotta wash these bitches yeah take them to the cleaners

There, … that ass, … trying to be … bitch you ain’t Vanessa

Bitch you ain’t Monica so what’s with all the pressure

I’m rolling my chronic up…

Out in Santa Monica, banging her on the dresser

I don’t do the cuffs, but she want me to arrest her

Take another puff then switch direction

Walk around dolo, I don’t need protection

Unless I’m with a groupie, now I need protection

4 condoms came for the thing I’m on that next shit

2 word minimum, I ain’t trying to text shit

2 drinks I missed the … now we on some sex shit

Can you do the … she trying to success

She trying to succeed, she trying to blow me

No strings attached, she like it wee

But when the house lights come on, she like it 3

Put her face in the back, from behind she like free

And I ain’t had to buy the bitch a bag, it was free

But that’s just for me, give it to her like ahhh, master p

I have no limit, I go hard as a motherfucker

You need packy I see a star like a motherfucker

384 bars like a motherfucker, all lot of breath, I should pause like a motherfucker

Nah, I gotta go hard as a motherfucker

Drop top … as a motherfucker

Started off small living large as a motherfucker

In the rear view I came far as a motherfucker

Rip the head off medusa and all the blood suckers

….shout out to … and my blood brothers

… watching the throne… motherfuckers

Time to break the beat down for these clowns

Tell my uncle Otis he could all rip now

Go to sleep now, my flow see now

And I ain’t trying to get locked up in the … now

System, I can’t feel my face, I’m trying to feel the base

But I got all this ace in my system

Run circles around you rap niggers like I’m doing drills for the piston

Sleep comfy, but I can hear the whispers

Draw still cause niggers still don’t get the picture

Gotta paint it red, just so they can see it

If you can’t understand the colors nigger ice tea it

Now bring the base up, turn up the snare

Tell them bitches with lace fronts start fixing their hair

And mars give a nigger drum roll right here, and right there, yeah

Back, back, back upon that rap shit,

Keep that Louie knapsack and that backpack shit

… fucking 3 bitches a night, call it hattrick

Lose angeles, kings … doing our thing

And I kinda get away with the plan used to walk around in a fucking day…<br />

<br />

Thanks to Andrei

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