The Game

The Game - Cosmic Kev Freestyle

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Rare rose wise... nobody no casket just blush...

I ain't' there president but I love millions

They like game... shit blood chillin

But not in no... and no village

I've been lost in... with some drugs dealers yeah

I walked it in relaps love it, hit the block and...

And still spit crack that...

But I ain't seen the... still survive like you stood me off the first tear

Still the most gutter spit the most butter

My... is got more game than niggas after...

Who said I never go, never drop the...

I park my shit in every strip club in Atlanta

Peace to my nigga... for keeping the... hit

Nigga I know flip out the door in the fence

So peace to see murder some to my hood see murder

In the block of my city they... hurt up

... block no love black, and we all fit OG

And I'm a keep main drop for long as my name poppin

I'm in the long as the king poppin

All wide nights all wide pipes cracking the... living the coke life

I switch cause like super... switch stars... cause I'm a... bitch

Fuck the book bitch I live life like ain't' no money in my books bitch

I write the sixteen you 've seen on the hook bitch

Dicking the mouth first cause I'm hitting the mouth

Been gang bang this the first... you out

Me and my info rare yea that's right my info rare

All I need is the info rare fuck the gun with this info rare

And knock you knock you down from my roof top

And hit em up close let em know that I'm a fucking killer

Like ghost face no taste for the jets when it come to the ship

In the kitchen I'm chef like Ray

Noxious like new guy I'm like no, you guy

Right next to... has enlighten to switch up

... some liquor for my nigga that was bigger

Than the dishes they was putting by some niggas... siwth some cold heart

Now walk around like my solo off black hoody on

Right music like... yeah yeah play... tryin to... spitting like is a dope car

And been crazy since I learned how a dope...

When I pay this motha fucka car you're a dead man

Don't' sweat it like the... James head man

If you out to... anybody but rare man

I black out 'cause I got night vision in this motha fucka and I hitch you with the info

Rare yeah that's right the info rare

All I need is a cosmic with my nigga

Care the whole finish stand... for that boy...

Rare, rare, I know feeling like

When I drop off all the... say Hi!... my nigga straight high...

I cook... I do

You know what I do y'all, I do it I do it

But I ain't' big charm... don't get it mixed up

I don't' pray like... but I'm into God into my vision

Night vision on the scope... to straight to prison

Walk out to prison five years later and you're a hater

So you right there and the escalator

Pull out your guns stop talking

If you ain't walking the walk then you can lay on the...

And I... and I am fronting

See me in the block y'all launching

But I'm up early like I'm from feeling

Y'all I'm up early I am... stucking my money

So you know... any rapper get that... get hit with the info rare

Yeha that' right my info rare

All I need is the info rare cause me... end up day

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