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The Game - Compton Story

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"Uncle Chucky? Could you read us a bedtime story please, huh please? "

"Alright, you kids get to bed, I'll get the story book. You all tucked in? "


"Here we go... "

Slammed the Impala door, hopped out

'Whadda you see? '

Some niggas hangin' on the fence lookin' at me

I had fat red laces in my Adidas

Big chain around my neck like Mardi Gras

So I stepped up to 'em, 'Is there a problem here? '

One nigga lifts his shirt then he yells out 'Yeah'

So I turned around quickly and I jumped in my car

I was about to hit the switch then I thought, like 'nah'

So I reached under my seat, and I grabbed my shit

It was a chrome .45 with the Kung-Fu grip

Stuffed it inside my Dickies as I jumped out the car

Kept my hand on the trigger as I walked in the store

One nigga walks in, then here comes two

'What did you do? ', 'I shot', 'Are you crazy foo'? '

One nigga hit the ground and the other two scrammed

Now the cops are outside, well I'll be damned

It was 7:15, on my Rolex watch

And I can't do the time that my Rolex got

And like the hands on the clock

I went this way that a-way

Ran around the corner and that's when I threw my gat away

An impala passed, it's my homeboy Clyde

He gave me the hand signal so I jumped in his ride

It was a clean '64, original inside

With no key in the ignition, 'Where'd you get this Clyde? '

Never mind, I'm out it's a stolen whip

And I'm already runnin' from the cops and shit

So I hopped out the car like the Dukes of Hazzard

Then Clyde yells out 'You stupid bastard'

Start runnin' through traffic and I almost got hit

I lost one of my shoes, it's my Air Force shit!

I'm hobblin' down the street with one shoe on

Walk straight into some niggas with' all blue on

I only ran 30 blocks, how I end up in Long Beach?

Cause in California, the gangs in arm reach

He saw my red strains so he punched and caught me

Then I knocked his ass out and took his boy out his sparkly's

I ain't seen these since '92

I'm feelin' like a Bad Boy without the shiny suit

Here the cops come, shit! So I dashed behind the Honda

And look who's here, my baby momma's friend Rhonda

In the car kissin' on this dope dealer Cris

But little did he know he was suckin' my dick

I start bangin' on the window, 'I don't mean to disturb'

'But Cris can you drop me off Downtown on 3rd? '

He said 'Sure, waddup Game hop in'

He was bangin' Slick Rick then I got a idea

Before we get to 3rd drop me off right here

So I can walk inside the mall and cop some more gear

As I walked in the store they could see I was in a rush

So they bought me some jeans, a t-shirt and some fresh Chucks

Walked out the store and looked left, 'Oh no! '

Ran back in the store, here comes the 5-0

So I ran real quick, made a move to the back

Cold knocked this cute bitch into a polo rack

'Sorry', jumped over her and fled to the back door

Then I kicked the shit open, you won't believe who I saw

It's the nigga Cris in handcuffs pointin' at me

And the cops made chase before they let Cris free

One cop tried to grab me and the other one missed

I got away with more time and they both got pissed

Full speed out the mall, spotted this blue coupe

Dogg Pound on the plates, that gotta be Snoop

So I ran up to the car and I said 'Yo Snoop, the cops got me on the run'

'Need a ride nephew? '

'Hell yeah big Snoop'

'Lil homie hop in'

'Drop me off in Compton'

And that's where my story ends

Now this ain't funny so don't you dare laugh

Just another story about the wrong path

Had a long day so I reclined my seat

It was a 20 minute ride to the CPT

Walked straight up to the house, pulled out my key

Opened the door, it's my girl playin' Biz Markie

Oh you, you got what I neeeeeeeeed

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