The Game

The Game - Basic Bitch

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<i>[Verse 1:]</i>

All you bitches is Nicki Minaj sons

So get her a trash bag so she can pick up her ones

She bend down I see her tracks

I make it rain she throw it back

And all this money keep me and pussy, no Kat Stacks

But I got racks on racks on racks

Pool side at the W, take a puff and relax

It's that millionaire lifestyle, Audemar iced out

Order more spades then hit 'em with that lifestyle

But these fakes hoes won't leave me alone

Fake bag, fake ass and she beggin' for patron

My credit making good, my money need a loan

And them heels you got on, pound sign


Basic bitch

I got a bitch with me, she got a bitch with her

And I ain't talkin' 'bout no basic bitch

Beyoncé, laced front on

Who you trying to front on? And stunt on?

You just a basic bitch, she got a fake Louie

Fake <i>[?]</i>, fake booty

So she a basic bitch

At the club all weekend, she trying to get rich

But all I got is this dick for a basic bitch

<i>[Verse 2:]</i>

So knock it off with your knock-off

You give head to any nigga riding with his top off

You the type I'd knock off, forget I ever met you

Block you on Twitter, never BBM or text you

Lookin' for the next you, I just wanted to sex you

Hit you on the D-Low, I'm Cee-Lo, F You

Cause everytime I'm up in the club looking for hoes

Everything look good off a couple bottles of rose

Down low with your swag, stuntin' off of your toes

And paintin' a mental picture of you without all your clothes

Have you ever fucked a millionaire in the back on a rose?

With Amber Rose? I ain't talking 'bout no


<i>[Verse 3]</i>

I can tell by your avatar, you never had caviar

Your friends can't go, you can't go, you don't have a car

But that weave hanging down to your ass

Bitch ain't from Dallas, but she rooting for the Mav's

You a bandwagon ho fo sho'

You up in every video takin' off your clothes

I thought I told you that you wouldn't get far

Melissa forgets, <i>[?]</i> child's mad at how Honda Accord is

2012 Range, now look how times change

You bitches'll never get a ring, LeBron James

Cause I got all the game, used to move Daddy the King

Gettin' dirty money with my lil'


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