The Game

The Game - Anything You Ask For

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The young Roy Jones in the rap shit

Somebody bout to get knocked the fuck out tonight man

[Verse 1:]

Niggas think they got The Game sold

Yeah right I'm air tight

Fresh in them Air Nikes

If the navvy outside

I might be there

Black hoodie, black nine, black white v Airs

Like Caddy trunks keep a spare

You see the lump under the ice berg fleece and yeah

And when the beef cooks I'm a put the piece through your hair

And if you see a white truck that mean the sheets is there

Then I'm goin goin back back to the block

To dump the bucket and jump in the drop

Niggas know I'm good with the glock

They call me chick herns cause The Game or not I'm calling the shots

I wear a shiny suite 4 em and they like them alot

They get gangsta with a SWAT me bag and a Jordan box

So when I die, bury me with the glock and a bucket of shells

In case niggas want drama in Hell


I'll give you anything you ask for

Money over bitches!

Tell me what you blast for

We don't fuck around with snitches!

What you have the smash for

This bitch tried to play me man!

Anything you ask for

It's all about the bank Game!

[Repeat twice]

[Verse 2:]

First things first

Money over bitches

Swore say my name in vain watch main

Brake the bones in your nose

I'm a flick time rida

Inner city flipper

Watch who try to flip more like their neighbors want digger

Sergeant at arms who playin, I'm a General

So draw your fire arms when you in the presence of criminals

And motherfuckers subliminal metaphors or adjectives

I come to where you live and send 60 rounds inside your crib!

Killer by instinct

Murderer by nature

Killer Cali earth quakes ya

Ain't nothin but bone brakers

Is nothin like puffin on this justall ass pound

Became in my turner

Have your mouth twisted just like Bobby Brown

Fuck what you might of read

Fuck what your people said

Back in this bitch and o 6 is The Game in lead

Highly anticipated the day has finally came

I slap a patch of meat off a nigga head for Game

Fer real!

[Chorus x2]

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