The Game

The Game - All Doggs Go To Heaven

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Rolling up a swisha banging Nate Dogg

Pulling on this 8ball contemplating suicide

(Hold Up)

Tears in my eyes, sippin on this goose gettin' loose

I don't know what else to do, so I'm sittin' here

Rolling up a swisha banging Nate Dogg

Pulling on this 8ball contemplating suicide

(Hold Up)

Tryna smoke the pain away

Hand on the dessert

All dogs go to heaven

Til then (smoke weed everyday)

[Verse 1: Game]

Aftermath studio, 2005

It was live, it was Snoop, it was Nate, it was I

It was Dre, It was Daz and Kurupt, we was high

One of my favourite memories

Them niggas like kin to me

When they move, I move

We like a centipede

Back when Dre was in his drop like Kennedy

I was banging Regulate, round the hood regulating

In and out of county jail when crips and bloods were segregating

And just like y'all, I used to love tha Dogg Pound

10 years later we here, laying Nate Dogg down

Damn, he was only 41 so I'm a get high and just drink til this 40 done

But I really wanna cry, shit I really wonder why good niggas gotta die

If we living under God

Maybe he living in the sky and I couldn't bring him back if I tried

So we just rolling up a swisha


[Verse 2: Game]

Allstar weekend, I seen Warren G with no Nate Dogg

That's like MJG with no 8Ball

I don't wanna see that R.I.P tatt

LBCPT that, we that coast where the DPG at!

Eazy-E that, tell me where the weed at?

You see that, all red P hat

Where Pac used to eat at

Hoes in different area codes, better believe that

Can you believe this where they killed BIG at

Now he at where N-A-T-E D O double G at

Cause that's where all dogs go because of you we all blow

Now when I need a hook, who I'm gonna call for

I sample your old shit, I don't know these new niggas

Bout to roll an ounce of this kush, I need a few swishas

And the game will never be the same without him

I'm just mad he ain't here to hop ont he R.E.D album


[Verse 3: Game]

I'm in the crib, Dre beats on, banging Lay Low

Kush to the dome, stacking kills on his halo

Tryna get my mind what it is, but it is what it is

Everybody raise ya lighters when I say so

Shed tear, that's for Nate bro

Cali will never be the smae, Cube and Dre know

I hold the West Coast down, that's why he signed me

And Nate came with hooks better than Kareem and Ali

I'm blowing smoke up in the wind

Kinda hard to concentrate when you sitting here focused on the end

Today a child is born, tomorrow he's a man

Next day he gone

Life cycle repeats itself again and again

Uncle's cousins and his friends

No-one escapes death or drives to heaven in a Benz

But one things for sure, everybody gotta go

When it's my turn I hope I never know

(Hold Up)

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