The Game

The Game - 360 Degrees

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Hey, Skee, tell 'em I'm goin' away for a while

mufucka's wanna see me dead

mufucka's wanna see me in tha feds

bitches wanna give me head

dollas in my bank account

Soundscan the first week out

mufucka's on my dick

mufucka's talkin' shit

Hit a breakdown, I'm the king, and you better respect it

all i need is Beyonce in a Rockafella necklace

Nigga, you can check up on it I'm a slim thug Cincinatti fitted with the red and black rim, blood

gave niggas 300 bars, 2 mixtapes, and a DVD

I did it for the CPT

Did it for New York

Did it for Chi-town

ran through hip hop and made these nigga's lie down

I'm goin' away for a while, call it a California vacation

I call it a Bentley with a smile =)

God Bless the child with incredible style, nigga sicka than the West Nile

Who's king of the West now?

I'm puttin' my vest down, niggas ain't gonna kill shit

Shut the fuck up,nigga, you ain't gon' kill shit

Rappers don't kill rappers, guns kill rappers

And I be with real crips, real bloods, real clappers

fuck rappin', these niggas'll push ya grill backwards

fasta than Iraqi's when Bush attacked'em

My flow semi-automatic

Touch'n pussies is my job, you a bitch, this is sexual harrassment

nigga get a lawyer when The Game comin' for ya

My jab like zab on a chin of Da Lahoya

I'm tha golden boy, and I'm makin' Hova noise

got tha whole world clappin just like them Noya Boys

Since a juvenile, i had to prove my style

Went from Kay Slay to DJ Clue then blaw(

20 magizine covers,nigga look at me now

You need a hot 16? I need a hot hundred thou

Cuzz half of these rap niggas just be runnin' they mouth

The other half in the ATL runnin' the South

10 mil in the bank, 7 bedroom house, i'm rich, so on my 30th birthday, I'm out

Nigga, i'm so ahead'a time, and i spit betta lines, betta rhymes

Every time niggas hate on me so much, I feel like I'm Kevin Federline

"fuck it I'm rich, for nothin', tell the media, get off'a my dick

You with me? my next album gon' sell like Britney

I beat on these rap niggas like Bobby do Whitney

No more drama, no more beef wit 50

And if ya just tunin' in, welcome to the 360, welcome to the 360, welcome to the 360

Right back where I started, in Compton, takin' out the garbage

Where Crips and Bloods shoot it out like Pearl Harbor

That was '95, when Cube was in his prime

You bought ya Lethal Injection, and I bought mine

Rewind to '89, got my first mixtape

My brotha bought it for me, they used to call him Big Fa$e

But now, we ain't brothers, nigga, we ain't shit

And you livin' in my shadow like Marcus Vick

And I heard about ya little rappers talkin' shit

Stay out my family business or you get a coffin quick

I ain't changed, same Nigga that got off them bricks

Got signed to Dr. Dre because his bars are sick

Gettin' head on tha road 'cause his cars are sick

And he rymed so good I had to pause the shit

I tell her boomp, slow down baby, I gotta get this shit firm like Foxy, Nas, and AZ

She said fuck you pay me, so I left her in A.Z.

That's what i get for lettin' her listen to my Jay-Z

fuck a bitch, give me a 40, I'll take that

Dress up for the Grammys, but i still don't drive Maybachs

Nigga, I'm a gangsta, and homie don't play dat

Stand way back, and get your ass clapped ASAP

Nigga, this the payback

You want beef, say that

I'll have a hundred Hurricane hoodies where you lay at

Get ya whole click wet, makin' up Crip sets, nigga got ran outta New York by Dipset

Then he got ran outta Compton by my set

Banned from Watts, can't even walk through his projects

Nigga so lame, talkin' he gang bang

Won't bust a shot, and tha nigga know where i hang

I'm Big Daddy Kane in the platinum chain, the fact remains,The Game dont' rap for fame

Game rap for fun, Game blast his gun, 'n Game got a rappin' tongue, so that bastard's done

Be easy, I might give you a pass this once

I'm Ready To Die, but I don't wanna basterd son

Nigga, I rap too good, and I'm back in the hood

On the same couch I put my demo and the package for Suge

After one meeting I was right back in the hood

Red bandana hangin' sellin' crack in the hood

Now it's Aftermath for good

Any nigga mention Dre get a Desert Eagle shoved in his face

How that taste? Blow ya shit out fa real

Call Nelly or Paul Wall, tell 'em make you a grill

I cook beef like a steak on the grill

Got tha clips on hold, but I ain't pharrel

Nigga I'm for real , my flow ill like smoke in ya lungs

I spit sharp, like a razor blade under my tongue

Nigga, I'm number one, motha fucka

Bar none, who else kick knowledge outside'a Hoa''n the God Son

'N we can bar for bar, cocksucker, drop some

Watch me take flight like Tom Cruise in Top Gun

You might win some, but you just lost one

I beat on these lil' niggas like Doctor Dre's drums

Look at these mufucka's tryin'a prove theyselves

Thinkin' beefin' wit Hurricane gon' boost they sells

Never that, muthafucka, I'm a clever cat

Kanye West and slacks, nigga, I'm as fresh as that

Ask Dre, ask Snoop, I'm nice

I'm Cube, I'm Jacob, I put rapper's on ice

"Hey, Skee, let me ask you a question-If you take the 120 bars, put it with the 240 bars, then add a 360 bars, with one Kevin Federline, what do you get? (a million) "Let's get tha fuck outta here, man, let's go find somethin' to do.

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